The 2020 Guide To Electric Vehicles Australia

At EMC we are regularly asked by our clients for recommendations on which Electric Vehicle is best suited for their application. For EMC in 2019 we discovered that to best serve you we need to better understand our customers’ needs and wants – so we did some extensive research. In this 2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia, start the New Year with knowing exactly which vehicle to choose from. To ensure that your Electric Vehicle if fit for purpose before you purchase it is important not just to select an Electric Vehicle due to its attractive price alone. You need to ensure that it will be capable of performing under your conditions whilst still being reliable, efficient and fit for purpose. We will also update you on our new product, partnerships and changes that happened in 2019, to get you organised for a great year in 2020.

So let’s take a look at this 2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia to better assist you with selecting a long lasting Electric Vehicle. We hope that this in depth guide will assist you with selecting that Electric Vehicle for your domestic, commercial or industrial applications.


Australia Top 20 Electric Vehicle types 2020

  1. Electric Golf Carts
  2. Electric Utility Vehicles 
  3. Electric Resort Vehicles  
  4. Electric People Movers
  5. Electric Housekeeping Vehicles
  6. Electric Hunting Buggies
  7. Electric Burden Carriers
  8. Electric Tow Tractors
  9. Electric Specialized Vehicles
  10. Electric Shuttle Busses 
  11. Electric Cleaning Facility Management Vehicles
  12. Electric Airport Vehicles
  13.  Electric Mining Vehicles
  14. Electric Trucks
  15. Electric Waste Management Vehicles 
  16. Electric Council Vehicles
  17. Electric Correctional Department Vehicles
  18. Electric Hospitality Vehicles
  19. Electric Medical Support Vehicles
  20. Dulevo Electric Compact Sweepers

Different Types Of Electric Vehicles, What's the difference?

In the Electric Vehicle market many still refer to Electric Vehicles as Golf Carts or electric buggies. This common term can sometimes dilute what an Ev is actually capable of. The increasing popularity of Personal Ev’s (PEV’s) in the media have helped spread the word of Electric Vehicles and show the possibilities of variations within the Electric Vehicle market. This has been great news for us. However the commercial, industrial application and the capabilities of Ev’s need to be emphasized more as they are great choice for these exercises.

At EMC we have categorized our Electric Vehicles into the Core Ranges we supply below


Our Electric Golf Cart range has evolved in 2019 and has taken EMC to the next level. In this 2020 Guide we want to share with you and emphasise the fantastic new range of Electric Golf Carts we formed in 2019. We still stock our standard executive models for golf, however we realized we needed to provide more options when it comes to pre-arranged options to provide the best product to suit your needs and wants.

Our new Vantage Range involves three new configurations and packages to suit number of desires.

2020 Guide To Electric Vehicles Australia



The Esport model is the base option. It has everything you need and provides you the goods to go about your business on the golf course. With upgrades available for the model – giving you opportunities to increase capability and accessorize it your way.



The Gold edition gives a classic all rounder option with accessories included such as the Engel cooler, bag cover and club and ball washer. So you can truly be ready to go on your day out in style.

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia


The Paramount gives everything – but the extra kick is the tyres on it! 12inch sports rims set this model apart from the rest giving a unique finished look, with an almost ‘sports like’ ability.

Electric Utility Vehicle

Electric Utilities Vehicles, “Electric Utes” or “Electric Golf Utilities”

In this 2020 Guide we want to show a diverse range that we offer in terms of our utility range.

Electric Utilities vehicles are commonly used within Industrial, Commercial, Government, Schools, Aged-Care, Cleaning or any application where you require to move product’s supplies or tools.

When selecting this vehicle range it is important to look at your expected duration of use, while taking into consideration the driving terrain & expected weights being carried in the Electric vehicles Tray.

At EMC we have many different versions of the Electric Utility vehicles, they are the following;


Hydraulic Lift Electric Vehicle

This electric utility vehicle is perfect for heavy loads or if you require an easy solution to minimizing injury from lifting  manual tip trays. The Hydraulic tip can be adjusted for tipping angle & have many upgrades like high sides, mesh sides or flat bed setup.

It’s quick & efficient while being a safer solution


Manual Lift Electric Vehicle – EMC Elite

This is a perfect electric utility vehicle for daily use and carries light to medium loads. We commonly see this being purchased by Councils, schools, resorts & Aged-Care Facilities.

A heavy duty tray with manual easy lifting

EMC Electric Utility Vehicle Options

2 Seat Short Tray

2 Seat Long Tray

4 Seat Short Tray

2 Seat Hydraulic Lift

High Clearance Long Tray

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia


The EV Titan – The EV Revolution!

This electric utility vehicle is one of our newest to add to our collection. This utility is for you if you require assistance with heavy loads in your work day – the EV Titan is the best option for you and your business. If you are an airport, warehousing, mining or large commercial facility, no job is too small for this EV Titan. With a weight load limit of 800kgs, the efficiency and functionality of this vehicle can having you and your team achieving new heights with this vehicle choice.

 Heavy Duty Efficiency to Maximize Productivity

Resorts and People Movers

Electric Resort Vehicles, “Electric Resorts” or “Electric People Movers”

Electric People Movers and Resort Vehicles are commonly used within Industrial, Commercial, and Government, Schools, Aged-Care, Resorts or any application where you require to move People around quickly.

When selecting this vehicle range it is important to look at your expected duration of use, while taking into consideration the driving terrain & volume of people required to be moved throughout your location.

At EMC we have many different versions of the Electric resort vehicles, they are the following;


Featuring the 6 Seat Electric People Mover Vehicle

This vehicle is perfect for mover customers or staff around venues or business operation. Both the 8 seat people mover, 6 seat people mover & 4 seat people mover come with a rear seat that drops down to a cargo bed, this is perfect for carrying suitcases, tool boxes etc. Wheelchair access is also available.

Move Clients & Staff quickly & comfortably!


Electric Shuttle Bus

That’s right at EMC we offer a wide range of Electric Bus options! This is a cost effective method for moving bulk staff or customers. Our range of EMC Endeavour Electric Shuttles come in 8 Seat, 11 seat, 14 seat, 23 seat,29 seat & 11 seat wheelchair access, and utility options.

Cost Effective People moving!

Electric People Mover Types

Resort Shuttle

8 To 79 Seat Shuttle

Hard Door Shuttles

Maintenance Shuttles

Utility Shuttles

Who's Considered Electric Vehicle's in 2019

Hard Door Vehicles

2 To 4 Seat Vehicles

Forward Facing vehicles

Resort Vehicles

Who's Considered Electric Vehicle's in 2019

High Clearance Resorts

The Housekeeping Vehicle

                    Electric Cleaning Vehicles , “Electric Housekeeping Vehicles” or “Electric Laundry Vehicles”

                              Electric House Keeping vehicles are commonly used within Schools, Aged-Care, Resorts & Cleaning Facility Companies. 

When selecting this vehicle range it is important to look at your expected duration of use, while taking into consideration the driving terrain & intended use. The Housekeeping cabinet has adjustable shelves allowing for easy storage of Clean Linen & Cleaning Products.

At EMC we have two house Keeping Vehicles available;

Elite 2 Seat House Keeping Unit

Our most popular House Keeping Vehicle. This vehicle features a powerful 4kW electric motor as standard. It can be upgraded to a 5.3kW Electric Motor if required. This vehicle features high & low gear settings for speed control, while having a LCD display to monitor battery life & speed.

This vehicle comes standard with headlights, blinkers, horn, tail lights & reverse alarm , while having 2 point retractable seat belts & a hand brake lever instead of a push brake system. Ideal for resorts, aged care facilities and the hospitality sector.

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia


Explore High Clearance House Keeping Unit

This premium housekeeping vehicle that comes packed with added extras. Featuring as standard a 5.3kW Electric Motor this vehicle is built to last.

As standard this vehicle is fitted with a lift kit while showcasing 12″ Off Road tyres.

As standard this vehicle comes with 3 point seat belts, glass windscreen, wiper & structural support Frame. It is suitable for larger resort sites with large outdoor areas.

The Hunting Buggy

The explore model range is our most popular for commercial and private use applications. This model is suited for most terrains including dirt, grass and sand. This vehicle is ideal for hunting and farming also, as across this range 4WD wheel bases are an option. As a standard fitting all the Explore Models are fitted with a 5.3kW DC motor. 

When choosing your Explore be sure to take note of the upgrade to include laminated glass windscreen and electric wiper options. 

2020 Guide To Electric Vehicles

EMC Explore SWB 4 Seat Resort

This Explore Hunting Buggy comes with 4 seats and will conquer most terrains and the featured image shows the inclusion of a one piece windscreen, roof rack, front basket, front protection bar and in a camouflage colour. The rear facing seat converts into a cargo bed.

Versatile, Stylish and Customised! 


Heavy Industrial Electric Vehicles

Burden Carriers; “Towing Vehicles”, “Tow Trucks” or “Utility Trucks”

Our electric burden carrier range features loading vehicles and towing vehicles that are designed to move a tonne! 

When selecting these types of vehicles it is important to identify your usage, for example the load and towing capacity can range from low to high to suit your needs and customized options are available to suit even the most specific requirements. 

These vehicles are commonly used in commercial facilities, airports, correctional facilities and in education.

At EMC there are some ideal vehicles in this range that cover many applications and can be seen below

EMC Forza 21 Burden Carrier

The Forza range can handle heavy duty. This particular model, the Forza 21 can seat two and tow up to 2,800kgs, the motor is a standard 5.0 kw DC Electric across the range of Forzas.

Standard features include items such as a non tipping tray, reverse camera and beeper. The emergency shut off button is a bonus considering the load types that it will endure. 

Functional, Customisable and Powerful!

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

EMC Forza XL5O 

To give you a better idea of the commercial aspects of this range the Forza XL50, as you can see is suitable for the heavy duty commercial and industrial sites.

Seating 2 and with a towing capacity of 5,000, the capabilities of this particular model are built to maximum effort


The EMC Panther XL Tail Lifter

Another great addition that has been a stand out seller in 2019 in the EMC Panther XL Tailgate Lifter. This electric truck could be a valuable asset if you are either a waste management facility, council or a heavy duty industrial site looking to maximize efficiency – this choice is for you in 2020. Helping to achieve the net zero emission target set by Australian government and Global government.

This electric truck boasts a maximum lifting weight is 300kgs on the platform at any time. The max loading weight is 1500kgs of the tray.  Visit the full product page for more information.

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

MA12 Redesign...Coming Mid 2020

Our amazing MA12, which is Australian made, designed and manufactured here in NSW, is getting a facelift. Commonly known as a tow tractor configuration, every great electric vehicle can be made even greater with new advances in engineering and technology.

It is our duty to run with the times and advance the MA12 into 2020!

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

Electric Specialised Vehicles


The Hearse Vehicle

We get asked to provide all sorts of arrangements concerning the customization of the electrical vehicles we offer. You can see an example of this on the right. The EMC LSV Hearse Extra Long Wheel Base is one of our most unique and reliable vehicles suited to this occasion. It offers a smooth and safe transportation and it a great solution for any cemetery complex.
The colours are available in black or white and seat two people.

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia



Electric Medical Support

The Electric Medical Support vehicle options are widely used in sporting grounds, stadiums, airports and other large events that require a first aid presence. These vehicles can be customised to suit. For example the stretchers can be adjusted to your specifications and are offered in a 2 seat and 3 seat capacity. They can include logos and branding for your business as well. To the left you can see an example of our medical vehicles.

Customised safety to suit your needs!


Featured: EMC Sovereign LWB 4 Seat Short Pantech!

Within our Sovereign Range we have the emergency industry catered for with our EMC Sovereign LWB 4 seat Short Pantech which is our community fire fighting vehicle. Also available in a 2 Seater!

Safety and Service!

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

Check out the Fleet of Medical Support Vehicles finished early 2019, rolling out the door for one of Exclusive Customers of EMC....

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

Dulevo Electric Compact Sweepers

A great new relationship that has gone from strength to strength this year with Dulevo International. This brand it managing to grow organically within Australia. It’s successful growth and increasing popularity is due to its quality product offering, particularly with the councils.

The Dulevo Compact Sweeper range is diverse with EMC’s most similar product being the DZero, being All Electric. However throughout the range it is shown that all products have minimal environmental impact. Factors such as their water saving, dust reducing techniques in design give all Dulevo products a PM10 Filtration Rate of 99%. This is thanks to GORE technology and design and manufacturing efforts of Dulevo International.

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

To Find out More about the Dulevo Product range and Dulevo themselves click the link below to explore all things Dulevo.


With all the ranges of vehicles we carry, sometimes you need a little extra with your vehicle. We can offer a full range of trailers that can be custom made to suit your exact requirements

For example, on the right you can see a hand fabricated long tray trailer that fits on a standard 50 mm tow ball. Perfect transportation option for low speed vehicles to move cargo around a property, industrial or commercial site.  Ideal on the back of either the utility vehicle, housekeeping unit or hunting buggy.

Customised solutions at its best!

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia


Any of our many ranges can be accessorized to suit your purpose, want and need. From the popular golf accessories to the specialized, it have a great spare parts department stocked and ready to meet your requirements. In terms of commercial applications, custom wrapping and branding is available to make your brand message stand out.

EMC Resort Vehicle

New Accessory Partner Garmin

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

One of the great new relationships we have made in 2019 is one with Garmin Australia. We are now propelling it into 2020.

“Built to Last” is their slogan, which is what we love – a brand with quality and innovative products. Keeping everything under one roof Garmin ensures quality control from a product and service level. Focusing of the golf range specifically we are offering

  • The Range Finder
  • GPS
  • s10 Watch

*Standard: the core three products we have on offer from Garmin

Battery Choices at EMC

At EMC we care about battery choices. From the US Brand, Lithium, and full river batteries and Trojan. We have a range of the latest and greatest battery choices in the market. We continually do extensive research and quality control testing in house to ensure that we are providing you with the best battery to suit your electric vehicle. We have great partnerships with great Australian suppliers with R & J Batteries and Lithium Battery Systems. They are consistently never short of advice when needed and are giving us great products to work with.

Check our our range of articles below to find out more information on batteries as a whole, how to care for your batteries and the latest industry insights.

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

The Ins and Outs of Electric Vehicles - What are They?

In this 2020 Guide you may be thinking – these vehicles are great, but how do they work, whats the benefit?

The more knowledge you have the better. Which is why at EMC we make our business to know the full picture our of products, how they work and the maximum benefits you can get out of your Ev choice!

Check out below the mechanics and the electric vehicle benefits of owning and operating an Ev and why we believe it is the only choice for you!

The Mechanics of Our Vehicles

When you think about the different choices that are available, electric vehicles are still seen as a newer choice compared to petrol vehicles. Particularly in the commercial and industrial vehicle space. It may be because of not fully understanding the mechanical benefits of how powerful and electric vehicle choice can be. At EMC we want you know the full picture and understand the ins and outs of an electric vehicle. Here is some key pointers for in you in our 2020 Guide.

Firstly, climbing ability matters! At EMC we set our vehicles to a  18.12.1 differential gear ratio. This Gear ratio allows for higher torque, that allows you to travel up hills & pull loads easier. This provides less strain on the motor while climbing or pulling that increases the lifespan of the vehicle.

Lets break it down into the Three Key Components of an Electric Vehicle


1. Gear Ratio

Gears are generally used to reverse the direction of rotation, increase and decrease the speed of rotation. It is important to keep the rotation of the axis synchronized. Most gears have teeth, of which prevent slippage between the gears ensuring synchronization at all times. By counting the numbers of the teeth in the two gears and dividing them finds out the exact gear ratio.

2. Climbing Ability

Depending on the torque of the motor and the gear ratio of the transmission this will be able to verify how far the vehicle can climb. With a 18.12.1 differential gear ratio it allows our EMC vehicles climb with a great deal of effectiveness.

3. The AC v DC Electric Motor

A.C and D.C Motors are similar in function but powered differently. An A.C Motor is powered by an alternate current, whereas the D.C Motor is powered by a direct current. At EMC we typically supply a D.C Motor which are battery reliant with brush components. Both motors have their strengths with the A.C Motor being more energy efficient with power usage. Whereas a D.C Motor has a higher starting torque. However due to growing popularity of A.C. Motors with the higher efficiency within the A.C Motor, it is now becoming the norm in the electric vehicle industry to opt for an A.C Motor. All of our new MY20Vantage Range come with A.C Motors.

If you would like to learn more, we’ve plucked some great videos out that help explain Gear Ratio; Climbing Ability and how an Electric motor works…

Electric Vehicle Benefits

Owning and Operating an Electric Vehicle is a great thing – whether if its for personal use, commercial or industrial applications there are many benefits to owning an EMC Electric Vehicle. It is important that for your 2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia defines the benefits so you can make an informed decision on your ev choice. If you look at electric vehicles in on individualistic level, until recently, there were some concerns about EV range anxiety and battery life.

However with big giants like Tesla increasing the popularity for personal electric vehicles (PEV’s) and global and local government incentives to make all fleets electric – consumer sentiment has increased towards electric vehicles. Other factors include rising global fuel costs globally, which would push individuals to turn to an electric alternative.

On a global effort, the environment is of great importance to the collective population. Global initiatives have been set up across the world and are in full swing to achieve zero emissions. By as close to 2030 in some countries. Two countries that are already running as carbon negative; Suriname and Bhutan. This gives great optimism to the cause. At EMC we believe in our products more so because of the environmental benefits they can bring by utilizing such a product.

Here's the Top 5 Benefits

  1. Low Maintenance – Due to vehicle being electric, the maintenance of the vehicle is minimal.
  2. Easy Operation – If you are commercial or industrial business. These vehicles are easy to use for anyone. With an easy to use switch operation with clear indicators on the dash, any member of team can operate an EMC vehicle without hassle.
  3. Functionality – The range that EMC provides covers a wide variety of functions. Whether you need to keep people moving, cart your goods or play golf or sweep the street we have the range for you.
  4. Environmentally Friendly – As stated being an electric vehicle company we love all things electric and sustainable to reach net zero carbon emissions.
  5. Cost Effective Efficiency – With our wide range, it provides options that increase productivity in the workplace such as our laundry vehicles and utility range, these vehicles are made for efficiency, saving costs not only on the vehicle, but decreasing work time spent.

To check out more benefits, facts and industry updates check out our range of articles on our website in our ‘News and Articles Section’ Via our Homepage

Service Changes at EMC

In 2020 you can expect a few new updates with our service system. Whilst we can still service you directly we have now changed our servicing over to MLA Holdings Pty Ltd. Due to our growing numbers in the current vehicles across Australia, we at EMC want to ensure that you are being serviced in the most efficient way possible. This is why we happy to announce our relationship with MLA Holding Pty Ltd. We hope that moving forward in 2020 we will be able to offer a reliable supreme service experience to our clients across Australia.

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact our team directly and we can talk to you about the updates and changes that have been made.

EMC Hire - Yes We Do Hire!

If you are unsure about the options given in our 2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia, hire is always an option.

Even though we have 8 core ranges, it can be hard to choose which one right for you. For example, whether it is domestic use or a commercial or industrial applications, you may be considering a utility vehicle for example and as you can see we have a number of options in that range. Sometimes you need to determine some things, for example what capacity the vehicle needs to be, so a trial few months may be needed to troubleshoot this issue. We at EMC always want you to end up with the right vehicle if you are intending to purchase.

However, if you only need to hire and Electric Vehicle and are not interesting in purchasing – rest assured!

We can hire out any vehicle and ship it to your chosen location. Fees vary depending on the type of vehicle, the period of time of which you would like the vehicle.

Click below to Enquire!

In Conclusion

So there you have it! Get organized for 2020 with this Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia from us at EMC.

Whats more, is that during 2020 we will have some great new products and ranges coming your way to help you maximize the fun, functionality, usability and capability of your chosen Electric Vehicle. Whether it be on golf course, workplace or worksite! We are excited to bring to you in 2020 a new vision of EMC to best serve your wants and needs in 2020 when it comes to your Electric Vehicle choice in 2020 and beyond.

If you would like to enquire,about your choice of Electric Vehicle - Chat to our team at EMC HQ via our contact form...

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