2023 Electric Side By Side UTV

The 2023 Electric Side By Side Scout Is Becoming One of Australia’s Most Popular Electric UTV.

With selectable 2wd & 4wd modes & full regenerative braking allows for maximum operating range in both rural & commercial applications. 9ookgs Towing & up to 500kg load capacity!

  • 100% Electric 4wd Side By Side
  • 2wd & 4wd Switch
  • Independent Suspension
  • Electric Lift Tray
  • Front & Rear Bull Bar
  • Front Winch
  • Tow bar
  • kick Guards
  • Bucket seat Or Bench Seat Configuration
  • 2 Seats Electric UTV Short Tray
  • 4 Seats Electric UTV Short Tray
  • 2 Seats Electric UTV Long Tray 500kgs Load Capacity
  • 900kgs Towing Capacity
  • windscreen & wiper
  • Off Road Tyres ” Other Types Available”
  • LED Light Bar

ATV versus UTV​

An All-terrain vehicle or utility trade vehicle? Ultimately it comes down what you need from your vehicle. There is sometimes confusion is this arena of what each one is. So below shows the difference between the two.

ATV – All Terrain Vehicle.

This is our all-terrain vehicle, in our terms ‘hunting buggy’ OR ‘4 X 4 Explore’ as we like to call it at EMC. Most would know the earlier versions of this style of vehicle being something like a quad bike back in the 90’s and the early 2000’s. However presently it can be known as much more, and utilised in various settings, not just farming. Areas such as; rocky outdoor sites, particularly in mining in Australia for example, can reap the benefits of our all-terrain options.

UTV – Utility Trade Vehicle.

Traditionally built for work rather than recreation. UTV’s are used to commonly to as work utilities in larger sites to store and haul equipment. They are handy for impractical, hard to access spaces.

Scout 4x4 Electric UTV-Less Noise with an Electric option

The quietness of the electric Scout 4×4 UTV allows you to cruise along without uncertainty of noise. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind that working within applications where keeping noise to a minimum can be achieved, as well as staying productive. The no noise factor may be a trivial thing to most, but research has shown significant negative effects of noise pollution that can be found in terms of our health.

Factors such as chronic disease and mental health issues due the disruptive noises that traditional combustion engines make can leave long-term damaging effects to our health.

The Size of the Scout UTV 4x4 electric vehicle

The compactness of the vehicle makes it a more agile option in the terrains you need to drive within. being able to get into areas where a normal vehicle cannot allow you to reduce manual handling & time as you can get closer to where you need to be.

As the Scout is a high clearance electric vehicle it allows you to maneuver through un-even terrain, gutters, hills and off-road applications where a golf buggy style utility vehicle cannot reach or is at a high risk of causing damage to its underside, steering system & body if it attempts it.

Scout 4x4 Electric UTV-Customisable options with the range

At EMC Electric Vehicles we have the ability to provide custom solutions for your requirements. As we are a part of the Varley group that was established in 1886, we have the ability to design and modify vehicles to suite your needs with our in-house team of engineers, vehicle body builders that have been working within the Electric vehicle space for over 20 years.

Scout 4x4 Electric UTV-No fumes with an Electric Option

In previous articles, we have mentioned the environmental benefits of using an electric vehicle over a traditional internal combustion engine. The lack of fumes for example is a definite advantage to the user. On our health and the environment. Rest assured just because your engine doesn’t have that traditional sound and smell that you’re used to, it still packs a punch with power. The batteries that we supply traditionally are lead acid.

Other battery options are also available if you have different preferences, to allow you to do your thing with plenty of range and power to get the job done.

Scout 4x4 Electric UTV-Not just for work

Whilst there are safety concerns that shouldn’t be unaccounted for with most UTV vehicles, it is undeniable that sitting and using one of these is fun. Whatever your activity, this UTV option brings joy to the user The Scout 4×4 is a perfect option to get around your property or work zone quietly & efficiently, while having the ability to be your workhorse, people mover or off-road UTV.

Scout 4x4 Electric UTV-Versatility of the range

Due to the make-up of the vehicle itself combined with the tyres the capabilities of this UTV vehicle range are endless. Its compact and all-terrain nature is capable of accessing areas where traditional utility vehicles and trucks do not. The vehicle makes access easy is all sorts of settings whether it be feeding your cattle to using as a maintenance vehicle within a school.

The Scout offers storage options for you to easily carry your goods or equipment, making it easy on unload or offload at any time.

A main point of difference with the Scout 4×4 electric UTV is that the vehicle is available in both 2 seat & 4 seat configurations, this allows to you move more people, while still being able to move goods and equipment in its tray.

Scout 4x4 Electric UTV- Scout Handling

This Off Road Electric UTV has a climbing ability of 30°. With its unique 2wd and 4wd switch systems allows you to adapt to your terrain when required. its independent suspension allows you to take on most terrain when required, while being a comfortable ride within commercial applications.

Scout 4x4 Electric UTV- Maintenance

Due to the electric component of the vehicle, these are easy to maintain and cost less over time. As long as you are keeping the battery maintained and the tyres in check due to the areas of which you use the vehicle, these vehicles have a long life span. They are simple in design and mechanics, so for you the worry of something going wrong with your vehicle is minimal.

The Farming Capabilities of our All-terrain Vehicles

If you have a farm in Australia, typically you know that the terrain in tough and dry in most areas. In the south of Australia, though cooler, there tends to be more hills involved. In any farm setting this vehicle does the job. Acreage is a given here in Australia, our sun-burnt country has a lot of land to be loved by our farmers. To do this you need to get around effectively and efficiently.

The Scout vehicle is viewed as the better, more sustainable choice now for farmers, with Australians taking a greener view of how we output our energy sources. This will only assist in operational costs and they no longer have to take into account the running costs or a petrol or diesel utility option. With the continuous fluctuating costs of fuel in 2020, this is a factor that is an expensive reality for most farmers, who are struggling with their financials due to other factors such as drought.

As mentioned above, the functionality and versatility of these Electric UTV vehicles make it a great choice for your utility needs, giving you the opportunity to roam around with an all-day charge due to the increased capacity in the electric battery due to advances in battery technology over the last few years.