EMC’s take on Electrifying Transportation:

EMC’s take on Electrifying Transportation At EMC, we believe industry knowledge is the key to growth, which ultimately our customers benefit from. Whether it is the latest accessory on the market, the latest EV model, government policy on electric vehicles, and the industry as a whole – we make our business to be informed. We […]

The Electric Vehicle Industry – The Update.

The Electric Vehicle Industry – The Update The CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is setting the benchmark for worldwide competition of Electric Vehicles and it shows. A report by Statista has quoted that nearly 100,000 cars have been delivered so far in 2019; and the industry as a whole, is getting stronger as 2020 looms. […]

Elites at EMC

Elites At EMC The great thing about our Elites, is the versatility of the range at EMC. The different uses of the vehicle cover a wide range of industries, from government facilities, to resorts, to caravan parks, to housekeeping: this vehicle exceeds expectations in many aspects. While we focus the Elite Long Wheel Base Ute […]

The Hydrogen Station everyone is talking about: A Report.

The Hydrogen Station Everyone is Talking About: A Report. We talked incentives, the industry, benefits of Electric Vehicles and more. All of these things are coming to fruition recently.  The evidence – the new hydrogen station in Altona, Victoria. Thanks to Toyota and the backing of Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), it shows a forward move […]

The EV Titan

The EV Titan – The Electric Vehicle Revolution With the demand for bigger and better – with more power – EMC Electric Vehicles have listened! The new EMC EV Titan is where it’s at – with a 7Kw AC Electric Motor and load limit of 800 Kilograms – this new EV Titan is your next […]

Lithium Battery Systems

Lithium Battery Systems At EMC we are always excited when we hear of new technology and how we can make our products better and more efficient for our customers. One way we are consistently striving for more in terms of quality, reliability and endurance is our batteries! By constant improvement in our battery systems are […]

Customising Your EMC Vehicle

Customising Your Vehicle Decorative, ornamental or functional? Why bother customising your vehicle here at EMC? Accessorising is a big thing, though not always needed, pimping your ride just makes it feel nicer!!! You may think we are just talking about parts and accessories. Before we do that, let’s look at Electric Vehicles as a whole […]

Service at EMC

Servicing at EMC We all know with your regular car service, it’s usually every 6 months. It is hard to know with electric vehicles when to service, because we are all still very new to it all. However help is on hand here at EMC. Below are some informative maintenence tips to help you get […]

The Top 5 Golf Cart Accessories you must have

The Top 5 Golf Cart Accessories You Must Have You’ve just purchased your golf cart, but it’s missing a few items to really jazz it up and make it more functional. Whether, it be a need or a want, with over $1 Million Dollars in golf parts and accessories here at EMC Electric Vehicles on […]

Hunting Buggies

Are You A Hunter Or Someone Living On A Property? With our EMC Electric 4 x 4 vehicle (Explore range) being rolled out at Costco Ipswich recently, there has been a shift in the use of electric all terrain vehicles on properties & out in the bush. Though around for a while petrol All terrain vehicles have limitations […]