The EMC Resort Vehicle – The MY20 Vantage Range

The EMC Resort Vehicle – The MY20 Vantage Resort Range The EMC Resort Vehicle is part of our MY20 Vantage Range which is so much more to than Electric golf carts. The EMC Resort Vehicle provides a great solution for your business. Available up to an 8 seater, move your customers around in style and […]

The Electric Golf Cart

The Electric Golf Cart Now known as the Electric Golf Cart, some may still reference it as a golf buggy. Electric golf carts have been getting better and better. Which the electric motors going from strength to strength, whether it be AC or a DC motor, newer technologies have allowed the leaps and bounds of […]

2020 Guide To Electric Vehicles Australia

2020 Guide To Electric Vehicles Australia

EMC Endeavour Shuttle Bus

EMC Endeavour Electric Shuttle Bus

EMC Endeavour – The Only Electric Shuttle Bus You Need! Designed to keep the masses moving – the EMC Endeavour Bus range is the only electric shuttle bus you need. This electric shuttle EMC Endeavour bus range that EMC Electric Vehicles has to offer is your answer. This is the best and most reliable passenger […]

The Latest in the Electric Vehicle Industry

The Latest in the Electric Vehicle Industry Recently, the BP Statistical Review of World 2018 came out with some key challenges concerning the Electric Vehicle Industry, stating that we are taking a ‘backwards step’ in terms of our carbon consumption, which has gone up 1.6% in 2017 alone. A significant finding was the concerns of […]

Who’s Considered Electric Vehicles in 2019?

Who’s has Considered Electric Vehicles in 2019? With 2020 fast approaching, we at EMC have taken a huge journey in understanding our customer needs this year. In order for us to do this we have been busy researching and reflecting who is in the market and why individuals or businesses would even consider Electric Vehicles? […]

Battery Choices at EMC

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

Battery Choices at EMC In our previous articles such as Batteries Matter and Lithium Battery Systems, it is in our nature at EMC to care about batteries for our vehicles. Battery choices at EMC are important. Whether its a battery for your golf cart or utility vehicle, it is important to get the right cart […]

Dulevo International: The Environment Advocates

Dulevo International: The Environment Advocates Lets Start with Dulevo’s CSR Commitment The Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR study conducted in 2015 founded that 91% of consumers globally have the expectation that businesses will operate responsibly in terms of environmental and social issues. It is now a key consumer behaviour that we as the customer seek out […]

Dulevo – The Sweeper Giants

Dulevo – The Sweeper Giants Proudly an Italian company; Dulevo was born from its first prototype, the 120 model in the town of Parma in Northern Italy over 40 years ago. Presently, the company have not only gone international, but have managed to become industry leaders in all things technological, mechanical and environmental. With its […]

MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range

Take a Look at Our New MY20 Golf Cart Range… Are you excited to start a new golf season this Spring/Summer? Do it in style with the new and improved range of the MY20 Vantage Golf Carts. We have the range to suit whatever you desire when it comes to your new golf cart for […]