Batteries Matter for Electric Vehicle!

When you have an electric vehicle, batteries matter in terms of care of maintenance. Not to mention, the thought of your Electrical Vehicle running out of charge is not something you want, and believe it or not; Electrical Vehicle Range Anxiety is a
real thing. 

So here are some things you can do to increase and maintain your battery life and the batteries we use to give you some peace of mind

Battery Charging

It is important to note that charging you must charge your Electric Vehicle to 100% every time as it will cause harm to your battery if you do not.
The battery type we use at EMC is a deep cycle lead acid battery. Due to the nature and strength of the battery a 100% charge is necessary, as
partial charges may cause harm to your battery, so be sure to pop it on charge after every use.

What brand? Well, EMC uses the reliable US 2000 Lead Acid battery, and the kits and cords come with your choice of vehicle across all ranges and
models, from the Elite to the Dingo, we’ve got you covered. 

R & J Batteries have a great website to explain their US brand in full, with the benefits of the the deep cycle US battery,

You can also have peace of mind that a great thing about the charger units, once your vehicle is 100%, the charger will turn itself off, so the battery will not wear out.

Battery Choices at EMC

The Heat

Heat of your battery is something that you will need to be aware of in order to maintain the durability of your battery. 

That Australian sun, as much we love it on the golf course it can become a potential hazard to the battery system if your Electric Vehicle is left in the heat. A shady spot is where it will be most comfortable, sustaining your battery and giving it a longer life.

Why we use Lead Acid Batteries

Currently EMC will continue to use the reliable, most trusted type of battery; Lead Acid from one of our trusted partners, US Battery.
Here’s just a few reasons why;

 Working capabilities and reliability

 The best value for power and energy per KWH

 It offers the longest life cycle

 It’s recyclable

 The inexpensive manufacturing element of the battery passes the savings onto, you, the customer!

Not to Fear - We are Continuing to Grow

As seen in previous in articles the Rise of the Electric Vehicles can give you assurance that the industry is on a steady incline. For example places
like London, in the U.K, have issued that new homes come standard with EV charging portals! 

This leaves us to see that opportunities are there and plenty of them! The expanding infrastructure will be in place for your battery to last and to be sustainable. That EV range anxiety will become a thing of the past and you can enjoy your chosen Electric Vehicle with peace of mind. 

The use of the Trojan is currently the smartest choice for EMC given that their reputation in market as a market leader and as we have a longstanding relationship with EMC. This allows us to trust in a reliable product and service in which customers will feel the full benefit. 

Continuing research into lithium batteries it a top priority and an issue that is important to us at EMC. We are working on getting the most trusted range and one of value to pass the benefits and savings onto our existing and future customers!

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