The Effective Elite Utility Vehicle Range at EMC

utility vehicle

The Effective Elite Electric Utility Vehicle Range at EMC At EMC we want to provide the best solutions for you and your business. We love the fact that we have variety in our electric utility vehicle range! The different uses in the electric utility vehicle are able to cover a wide range of commercial and […]


2023 Electric Side By Side UTV The 2023 Electric Side By Side Scout Is Becoming One of Australia’s Most Popular Electric UTV. With selectable 2wd & 4wd modes & full regenerative braking allows for maximum operating range in both rural & commercial applications. 9ookgs Towing & up to 500kg load capacity! 100% Electric 4wd […]

The Efficient EV Titan


EV Titan – The Efficient EV for Your Business! The EV Titan and its efficiency. Now in Australia, there has been a changing demand in policies and procedures in regards to cleansing and disinfecting. The way we work in 2020 is changing. Australian Businesses are now looking for new ways to be cleaner and more […]

Australian Made MA Electric Vehicle Tug Options at EMC

electric vehicle tug

MA Electric Vehicle Tug Options at EMC The official Electric Vehicle Tug you need. This Australian Made MA13 Range formed by EMC and Varley Group, or electric vehicle tug as it is commonly known is perfect for airports, warehousing, stock fill, stock picking and carrying heavy loads efficiently. With the MA12 redesign happening this year, […]

Formit Hand Wash Stations

hand wash

Formit Hand Wash Stations Hand Wash! In addition to our Micro 100% Electric Cleansing Vehicle range, the first of its kind In Australia, we introduce Formit’s Hand Wash stations. Formit hand wash stations can be additional to micro cleansing vehicle range, or any other of our EMC Vehicles, making it a great multi-functional unit for […]

EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Range – Slowing The Spread

EMC Micro Cleansing

The EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Range – Helping Slow The Spread As you have seen, we at EMC have created a new range of micro cleansing vehicles that can help combat covid-19 and slow the spread of the virus. With the elements of the efficiency of the micro cleansing vehicle itself joined with the disinfectant […]

Rapid Spray at EMC

Rapid Spray

Rapid Spray at EMC You may have been reviewing our latest EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle and noticed that we have a new accessory supplier, Rapid Spray. We are excited to be joining forces with this Australian company. The Australian company, around for over 25 years, still proving that the ‘Proof is in the Performance.’ With […]

EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

The EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle We have the COVID-19 Business Solution! The EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle! As we all know 2020 is taking a different turn than we all would like it to. We are now in uncertain times with COVID-19 ever present in our minds within Australia. To that end, we at EMC Electric […]

The EMC Resort Vehicle – The MY20 Vantage Range

The EMC Resort Vehicle – The MY20 Vantage Resort Range The EMC Resort Vehicle is part of our MY20 Vantage Range which is so much more to than Electric golf carts. The EMC Resort Vehicle provides a great solution for your business. Available up to an 8 seater, move your customers around in style and […]

2020 Guide To Electric Vehicles Australia

2020 Guide To Electric Vehicles Australia