Conditional Registration - What you need to Know!

With any vehicle you purchase or hire, the red tape needs to be considered. By doing so, you can drive off and enjoy your experience and know that all your ducks are in a row! It is important to us at EMC that customer’s are aware of these factors. 

Below are some informative cues to let you know the basics before or after your purchase. To keep it simple, the golf carts will be covered in this explanation, as the term covers the necessary requirements according to NSW Government legislation. There are also some links in the article for searching online for the relevant excess information to keep you up to date.

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Conditional Registration


Factors that are considered when applying for Conditional Registration are on the basis of how much it will affect these 3 factors;

  • Safety – The safety of the vehicle, its passengers and level of pedestrians it will encounter.
  • Time – What time of day are you using your vehicle?
  • Area – You need to consider what areas you are using your vehicle.

Driver licences Needed

  • Class C needed

Vehicle Requirements

Because of the nature of the vehicle, Golf buggies or carts – whichever you like to refer them as, are not suited to or constructed for too much road use. So, this presents a risk to the general public and these conditions will restrict the use of these. 

Road access will only be allowed between the travelling of two road related areas.

If you have medical reasons for example, its harder for you get around as an elderly person where you will be using your vehicle, medical evidence will need to be provided. 


For our customers in Lord Howe Island!

Seat belts must be compliant with the Australian Design rules, but not to worry EMC have you covered – all the specifications are comprehensively covered on our website. Our friendly staff at EMC Headquarters are also happy to answer any questions if you are concerned about your current or potential vehicle. 

Our contact details can be seen below. 

Don’t stress – we are constantly aware of the up to date safety regulations and vehicle requirements needed that aligns with government safety regulations.

For extra information about more specific personal and vehicle requirements you can head to the Australian RMS government website to see in in full detail what you need to know. 

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