Cost Co Launch 2019 - Ipswich Queensland

As the Electric Vehicle Industry grows, so do we: at EMC. One of the most recent examples of this is our new partnership with CostCo. The warehouse giant has made waves in Australia since its first store opening in 2017, with further expansion in Queensland. The store has grown strength to strength, constantly diversifying its product range and now with items such as golf buggies.

Cost Co & EMC

This is great news, as they have partnered with us at EMC to bring Electric Vehicles straight to the consumer on the warehouse floor of CostCo in Ipswich, Queensland. The Ipswich store is now the eleventh store operating in Australia, with over 14 square metres of shopping and bargains galore for the Queensland patrons. Imagine grabbing your bulk groceries, and picking up and electric golf cart for the rest of you weekend activities? Well now it is possible!!! Featured in the new opening on 9News on, our EMC 4 X 4 All-Terrain Vehicle. As well as other models now available for you to pick up.

It was a great event for the industry, with the Minister for State and Development Hon. Cameron Dick for Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning intrigued by our Hunting Vehicle showcased at the opening. You can see our Manager Blake Shields below pictured with the Minister;

So Why Shop at Cost Co?

The only thing to with CostCo is the fact that you have to be a member to reap the full benefits of the store. The two standard memberships that they are offer are the Gold Star Membership and the Business Membership. The Gold Star fee is from $60 annually with the Business fee from $55 annually. They have some great benefits that you may not even realise being a shopper at CostCo such as; travel discounts, rates on insurances. Other benefits if you are a business customer is that CostCo offer Business Services such as deals with promotional materials for their businesses.

What Vehicles of EMC’s can you find in CostCo Ipswich?

The 3 Vehicles that have entered into CostCo are the three main models for the individual user, or if needed a small business, farm operator or someone with a large property.  

1. Express 2 Seat Golf Resort

This vehicle is great the personal user. If you are on a small acreage, living a gated lifestyle or enjoy a day on the golf resort, this buggy is for you! Coming with all the standard features such as a tinted windshield, 10 inch alloy wheels and a battery pack. The opportunity for accessorising is there with items such a seat covers, bag covers, coolers and a transport trailer. 

2. Executive 2 Seat Golf Seat Resprt

If you need a step up from a standard model and require a multipurpose style vehicle, then this Resort Executive will suit your needs. This particular model is great as a people mover and luggage transporter. It can also be used for transporting equipment. Great for a small business owner. A unique feature of this resort is that it can be converted to have a Ute tray on the back, to carry those finicky items such as bicycles and wheelchairs.

3. EMC Explore 4 x 4 Hunting Vehicle

With the option of the 4WD, this all-terrain vehicle is great for recreation! It is also suited to commercial and industrial applications. It covers those rougher terrains and can operate effectively with tougher conditions such as dirt, grass and sand, great for the extreme sporter and off road activities. If you are a commercial user and have a rough on site territory, this vehicle is ideal as its capabilities offer the switch into 4WD, making you move around durable areas easier.

all terrain vehicle

Another great thing about all of these vehicles on offer is that they all come with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty and our team at EMC are always happy to assist with any service enquiries where ever you are situated.

We love to grow partnerships and share our brand with others. We are looking forward to seeing a growing range of our Vehicles at Cost. Co Ipswich Queensland for everyone to enjoy!

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At this time EMC do not stock vehicles at Cost Co, however if you would like to enquire directly with us,feel free to contact us via the Contact Form below...

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