Customising Your Vehicle

Decorative, ornamental or functional? Why bother customising your vehicle here at EMC?

Accessorising is a big thing, though not always needed, pimping your ride just makes it feel nicer!!! You may think we are just talking about parts and accessories.

Before we do that, let’s look at Electric Vehicles as a whole and how since their beginnings the industry, the customising of the vehicle alone has led to the staying power of the industry. It’s because of this we can think about the extra goods for our vehicles.

Origin of Customisation

Solving the noise problem...

One thing that has been customised since the electric car conception is the noise and thank you for that!!! Back in 2010, car audio specialists such as Harman Automotive and Lotus Engineering had a joint venture in handling the noise solution. The objective was to blend road and engine noise cancellation with sound synthesis. This idea managed to be a success and ended up decreasing the overall sound of the vehicle.

Electric Vehicles have always been quieter, though since the hard work of innovators such as those at Harman Automotive and Lotus Engineering, the sound remains quiet to the user of the vehicle as well as other road users. So you can use your 4×4 All Terrain hunting vehicle with little to no noise, or your Express Golf Cart on the course for an enjoyable, peaceful ride!

Battery Improvements...

On a technological side, battery improvements, range optimisation and motor power consumption are all on going trends concerning customisation in the electric vehicle industry. The one thing that will need improvement that will have a positive effect on the current issues is the battery cost reduction.

We are lucky at EMC as we have a great brand working with us: R & J Batteries to bring to the table not only decent prices, also their extensive knowledge in the battery world. They have a number of brands across their range. All of which, with the backing R & J Batteries – research and quality control assurance is their thing. Based on our vehicle needs we have gone with the trusted US battery brand because as a brand they are experts in their field concerning all electric vehicle applications from golf carts to industrial. Check out some of the battery prices online

Customisation: Accessories...

Previously in the article, “The Top 5 Golf Cart Accessories you must have,” we saw the essential and latest accessories to get for your chosen electric vehicle. Even the inspiration from overseas, such as cigar holders and the latest sound systems from the U.S give us constant inspiration and that wow factor to make our vehicles stand out.

The greatest vehicle to set the example for the individual user is the one of our latest successes: the All-Terrain 4 x 4 Hunting Buggy.

Its recent roll out in Cost Co in Queensland in particular saw the buggy carrying the shopping through the store, though as a joke, the customised options of extra storage with extra baskets are always a winner for you and your vehicle. Even the fact that it comes in Camouflage will make your experience of a day out in the vehicle a more authentic one.

The roof lights will improve your visuals when scouting around the farm. With the added options of turning into a full-fledged hunting vehicle with the completed look of gun racks, roof racks, flood lights, cargo basket and bull bar. Our recent Hunting Buggy article has the full extent of our Hunting Buggies advantages and capabilities.

Another great vehicle we have here at EMC that is great for customisation is our Elite range. This can come in a short wheel or long wheel base and have the option of an attached Ute tray for your convenience. The beauty of these models is that they are all adjustable from a standard cart into a functional Ute vehicle – even Hydraulic! This is great for those extra loads you need to get you around commercial spaces, or have that extra room you need to get you around the property.

So there you have it!! If you ever want to purchase a vehicle from EMC know that customisation is our thing, and we can always provide solutions to suit your needs. 

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