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Lets Start with Dulevo's CSR Commitment

Dulevo International. How have they committed to the environment?

The Cone Communications/Ebiquity Global CSR study conducted in 2015 founded that 91% of consumers globally have the expectation that businesses will operate responsibly in terms of environmental and social issues. It is now a key consumer behaviour that we as the customer seek out responsible products whenever we can – this statistic was shown at 84% in this particular study alone.

Due to these stand out facts, since then many businesses across the globe have listened to studies such as these and have changed not only their business practices, but their overall ethos in how they conduct business on social and environmental level, enhancing their corporate social responsibility. CSR is now an integral part of a business structure and will remain so due to the heightened sense of duty that we as a society collectively have to fix our environment.

Dulevo International has always seen this as a key value within their mission and vision statements. Dulevo’s ground-breaking work into the mechanics of their Sweeper machines with components such as fine particle control and filtration as well as water saving mechanisms, shows their CSR to be at the best it can be, and it is only going to get better.

Dulevo Internationals mission statement incorporates all these factors stating that want to ‘offer highly productive machines with minimal environmental impact’. Being the world’s top 5 manufacturers of urban cleaning machines as are official suppliers of key city councils such as Rome, Dubai and Singapore. Their industrial range can suit a number of applications as we have seen in previous articles and even extend to industries such as mining.

Dulevo International: Around the World…

Where Dulevo Industrial Sweepers are being used around the world some small towns, to big cities like Seattle USA, Rome, Italy and now with the recent growth in Australian Market. Overall Dulevo International has Industrial Sweepers in Over 80 Countries…

Let’s have a look at a few in action…

Shanghai China... Featuring the Dulevo 850...
The Netherlands… Featuring the DZero²...
New York… Featuring the Dulevo 5000...

Dulevo’s Environmental Applications…

Dulevo’s Environmental Applications…

High efficiency filtration – Fine Particle Control

The relationship between Dulevo and GORE is a solid one. The management of contamination when it comes to fine particle control is something that has been achieved with Dulevo’s partnership with the GORE Group. The level of technology that goes into to these Industrial Sweepers is unmatched and it shows not only in their performance, but the achievement of the PM10 Filtration rate. The aim of this is ultimately scale down air pollution by using effective filtration systems in the big machines that the Dulevo range carries. Many of the Dulevo Industrial Sweepers have a PM10 Filtration Rate of 99%, such as the Dulevo 850, Dulevo Veloce, Dulevo 500 and the Dulevo 6000.

In essence with the collaboration of Dulevo International and the GORE Group, they have set a new standard of the industrial cleaning sector worldwide.

Low Environmental Impact Engines

With the PM10 Filtration rate of 99% being achieved through the efforts of the GORE filtration system Dulevo’s machines have now been certified at this level. This can be shown effectively in their methane powered road sweepers; the Dulevo 6000 CNG and the 6000 Hydro CNG sweeper. These sweepers boast minimum noise pollution, zero emission particles and no polluting agents from the combustion elements of the machine. The use of natural gas in these sweepers helps reduce emissions.  

The recent engineering feet of the EURO6 Engine uses clean air to minimise particle production. This is where the gases from the exhaust are not recycled during the process – this in turn increases the sweeper’s performance and reduces diesel production.

There is a lot of science involved in the Euro 6, including an exhaust gas post-treatment system, the HI-e SCR system uses a catalyst which essentially converts NOx emissions into nitrogen and water vapour. What’s great about the EURO6 Engine and the treatment system is that while all this is happening the vehicle maintenance is unaffected.

Water Saving Sweepers- Ideal for the Australian Market

As much as we love this brown country of ours, Australia experiences a lot of droughts throughout the calendar year. Whilst not affecting metro areas as such, this is still a factor that when considering purchasing a product such as a street sweepers in the Australian Market.

With Dulevo Sweepers having the mechanical-suction system, any Dulevo Sweeper, from the 850 the 7500 can operate without water. This is fantastic feet of not only engineering but corporate social responsibility.

Not just environmental benefits are consumed by the use of Dulevo sweepers but the economic efficiency of having a Dulevo Sweeper is great! Labour and time efficiencies help decrease your bottom line due to the effectiveness of choosing a Dulevo Sweeper.


Other Advantages of the Mechanical Suction System Include;

  • Operate without water – water saving
  • Wet and Dry surfaces are covered
  • Dust and particles are effectively picked up by the large brushes that Dulevo sweepers use
  • Ideal for road sweeping, the suction system suits large sized waste collection
  • The waste collected is loaded above into the waste container, optimising loading capacity.

Dulevo International & EMC

Dulevo International understands the value of operating in sustainable way by producing products that help our environment, not hinder it. The latest and greatest achievement of Dulevo International as we have seen is the Dzero² all Electric Sweeper, something which EMC is very excited about showcasing to the Australian Market.

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