Who’s has Considered Electric Vehicles in 2019?

With 2020 fast approaching, we at EMC have taken a huge journey in understanding our customer needs this year. In order for us to do this we have been busy researching and reflecting who is in the market and why individuals or businesses would even consider Electric Vehicles? So lets take a look at the findings of this year and see who has considered an Electric Vehicle in 2019.

Consumer sentiment of Electric Vehicles (ev) is still a bit rocky. The technology and concept is still foreign to many people, and often people that have purchased an ev are seen as buying a novelty. With that being said, the industry is on the incline.

Steps to ensure the longevity of the electric vehicle industry include stigmas such as; battery life endurance and improving elements of current legislation within Australia to ensure a wider use of Electric Vehicles such as the ones we offer at EMC.

Currently across the board who is buying the ev and why? A recent survey conducted by General Electric with researcher partner’s founded that there are three overall segments that are buying an ev recently or at least interested in them.

Let’s explore in some detail who they are and how we at EMC, can fit those requirements.

Who's Considered Electric Vehicle's in 2019
Who's Considered Electric Vehicle's in 2019

1. The Environmentally Conscious

The environmentally conscious segment have been identified due to their strong feelings about environmental concerns. Sustainable transport plays a key part in their decision making. They believe strongly that aspects such as global warming is a real threat to the planet, cars being a heavy contributing factor to the negative environmental impact. This makes factors such as sustainable transport a huge consideration for our governments.

Due to these reasons, the option of an ev is something that they are more likely to go for. Councils are being pushed to use more methods of sustainable transport in their fleets for cleaning streets and parks in our local areas. EMC offer a number of options to suit those needs such as our MY20 Vantage Utility carrier – which is great for maintenence in your local area.

The truth is, any of our electric vehicles are an option! It seems to the environmentally conscious, electric is the official preferred choice of vehicle.

2. Technology Driven

Another segment that is interested is the ‘technology driven’- you guessed it – they love technology! When took a look at who’s considered electric vehicles in 2019, this segment was not a surprise. So to that end, here at EMC so do we… we are always looking for innovative techniques to make our products better and pass the benefits onto our customers, particularly highlighting the technological elements of electric vehicles.

If you are an industrial business or large municipality, our Dulevo range incorporates sustainable abilities and technology to suit your functional needs. The technological advantages are great with these machines with high levels of performance – check out the video below

Another consideration for this segment is battery technology. The advances in battery life for example is somewhere where EMC have seen opportunities to improve our battery offering for our Electric Vehicles. With the relationship with R & J Batteries advancing us into the latest technologies of battery capabilities; this ultimately improves the performance of the vehicles that we offer.

3. Frugal Travellers

This segment is a particular one. Trust is huge factor. Proven facts and figures, are needed to prove your worth – particularly with technology. They are similar to the environmentally conscious, but primarily, cost is an issue to them.

We understand at EMC that cost is major factor in making a decision for a final product and our prices are competitive and tailored to your specific needs – so whether you are an individual user looking for a golf cart or a resort or retirement village we can find a solution for you.

The Success Story of Electric Vehicle Users: China.

If you want to see users of Electric Vehicles in action, then China is the place that we can learn from. When looking at who has considered electric vehicles in 2019, we had to understand know is setting the tone and giving us a good example of the applications that electric vehicles can offer.

Evidence from a recent empirical study has shown us that it can be done. The study was based upon the people of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It has been thought that Electric Vehicles are seen as the solution to China’s energy crisis. Factors such as energy security and smog hindering green advances within the country were highlighted.

To that end, China has sought this as a primary solution and is now the world leader in the Electric Vehicle Market, with continual growth. So what’s the purchase intention for the Chinese? The Electric Vehicle is the solution to China’s energy and environmental problems. Reasons  it has been successful is not only because of government subsidies, but they have also managed to shift the attitudes of the Chinese people.

The Electric Vehicle in China has been advertised as…                                                                               

  • A solution to the environmental problem
  • Having a high vehicle performance
  • Easy to use

With the help of government subsidies, the Chinese people are more likely and willing to keep a positive attitude towards the Electric Vehicle.

Concerning policy and government regulations; the allocation of funds for government subsidies has largely come about because of the regarding negative environmental impact.

Conclusively, the increasing demand of Electric Vehicles has allowed the price to drop, so it seems that government subsidies are the way to go of you want the demand for Electric Vehicles to stay at a high.  

Why is this Important to Australia and EMC moving Forward in 2020?

As a whole, we can see that the use of government subsidies is definite incentive to buy an Electric Vehicle and one which Australia should be considering if they want to cut their emissions and stick to the Paris Agreement.

The opportunities for growth in this sector are limitless – for individual users and businesses alike!

Policy makers must find the resources to allocate funds to make the use of ev a real competitor in the car industry a reality, because we, at EMC can offer the right products to suit your needs. If aspects such as conditional registration are amended for example, the use of a leisure vehicle can have extended use in suburban areas, so that then people can look at a leisure vehicle as an alternate option for a car making full scale sustainable transport a reality!

Another factor to take from China is that; infrastructure is a key element to success for the integration of these vehicles, so for the adoption of Electric Vehicles to take place these two key factors must come into practice to increase demand.

Let’s come down to earth here, using an ev is not only good for the environment, it’s also pretty cool and it is way of the future!

At EMC, the products we offer are fun and user friendly and cover a lot of applications for the normal user and businesses. From resorts, airports, mining and councils, we have a number of different electric vehicle configurations to suit a number of applications.

With the industry on the rise, the future is exciting for us at EMC, which we want to share with our customers, whether you be frugal, technology driven, environmentally conscious or just love a game of golf!

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