EMC Endeavour - The Only Electric Shuttle Bus You Need!

Designed to keep the masses moving – the EMC Endeavour Bus range is the only electric shuttle bus you need. This electric shuttle EMC Endeavour bus range that EMC Electric Vehicles has to offer is your answer. This is the best and most reliable passenger transport in the market within Australia.

The EMC Endeavour electric shuttle bus range is ideal for resorts, aged care facilities and tourism sites. Even airports that need to be efficient in people moving can rely on this shuttle bus to do the hard yards required. These low emission electric shuttle endeavour buses are available in either 8, 11, 14, 23, or 29 Seat configurations.

The intelligent and expansive EMC Endeavour electric shuttle bus range is built to move people quickly & quietly. From its full spacious cockpit for the driver to its comfortable seating layout will ensure that not just your passengers will enjoy the ride. 

Another great thing about this range is that is conditional registration ready! Featuring; Seat Belts, Glass windscreen wipers, blinkers, headlights, tail lights, reverse siren, side mirrors & so much more! The EMC Endeavour shuttle bus range is ready to be conditionally registered for use, ask us about our conditional registration service. Other features included are; sliding doors and aluminium glass doors.

Your low emissions EMC Endeavour Electric Shuttle Bus will transport your guests in style and comfort wherever they need to go. What’s great is that they all come with stand-alone chargers and batteries fitted of your choice. Whether it be Trojan batteries, US Batteries or Full River gel.

Battery choices are quite important when it comes to your Electric Vehicle. We at EMC Electric vehicles pride ourselves in staying as up to date as possible, with the latest trends and technologies when it comes battery choices.

We have a great spare parts department and strong relationships with key Australian suppliers to make sure you get the best quality products.

Let’s take a look at where you can use your electric shuttle bus to find out whether the bus is the best fit for you and your business.

The Top Ten Places Where Can You use Your EMC Endeavour

This electric shuttle bus can be used within multiple business situations and scenarios. As it comes in from an 8 seat up to 29, the configurations the opportunities and capacities are endless.

  1. Golf Courses

  2. Resorts

  3. Hotels

  4. Theme Parks

  5. Zoos

  6. Retirement Villages

  7. Sightseeing Locations

  8. Airports

  9. Stadiums

  10. Wineries

3 Key Configurations Available

At EMC we understand different customers need certain alternations to suit their specific requirements. This is why customisation and variation is something that EMC offer to make the best vehicle possible to fit your business. To have the flexibility of options when it comes to choosing the right Bus is a great way to establish what you want and/or need in your next investment. That way you get the most out of your vehicle.

  1. Standard Shuttle

The standard shuttle focuses on people moving primarily with space available for luggage. All models are available in the different number of seat options and hard doors are also an option. The vehicle would be ideal for retirement villages, sightseeing locations, stadiums and wineries. Daily activity would be a number one factor for a standard shuttle as it doesn’t require as much luggage space.

  1. Short Tray Utility

An ideal vehicle for the transport of passengers and luggage or other items in the rear tray. Offered in all seat configurations this vehicle has that extra capability that you need to transport your passengers with their luggage to their destination. This configuration is suited for resorts and hotels which allows for those extra luggage space.

  1. Wheelchair Access

This vehicle is fitted with an electrically powered hydraulic ramp that provides easy access for any person to be transported. This vehicle provides that extra flexibility if required. It still combines the functionality of mass people moving with extra the options to provide assistance. This is recommended for all customers as it has all components of seating, storage and flexibility of use.

EMC Endeavour Electric Shuttle Bus

Top Five Reasons why your business should invest in an Electric Shuttle Bus

  1. Emissions – It’s no secret that we need to take a hold of the way we conduct our businesses in Australia when it comes to reducing carbon emissions. Getting an electric shuttle bus is one sure way to improve things! With zero tail gate emissions our EMC Endeavours gives your business the chance to be part of the green solution. The countries that are investigating this at length and well, are our friends in the U.K and Europe. Zero by 2050 is the official global initiative. With countries such as Norway, Sweden and the U.K already having legislation in place. These have started the activities necessary to get to the net zero targets stated. Activities such as changing infrastructure to suit the electrification of the transport industry is one of them. Electric fleets are the way to go on a national level and on a large scale. But by starting with small step we can be closer to the bigger picture of the net zero goal.

  2. The Rising price of Fuel Costs– Fuel prices are often determined by geo-political and environmental factors. Choosing electric vehicles over a gasoline vehicle has a positive long term effect on a national and international scale. Rising fuel costs after certain events, such as natural disasters on home turf cause fuel prices to rise. Political and global events also play a huge part in the rise of fuel costs. This can be shown in recent news. In one example in October with the petrol price increasing here due to an unfortunate event in Saudi Arabia was attacked by drones. On an individual aspect we feel the sting daily here in Australia. When planning your budget in a business, an electric fleet of vehicles, it is clear to see that the long term choice would more likely to be an electric choice over petrol or gas. You will find that what you as a business sacrifice in the short term you – will reap the benefits in the long term. It would seem to a higher price to pay for an electric choice initially but as we can see so far it worth it.

  3. Save on Maintenance Costs – An electric shuttle bus is a simple operation. On a mechanical level Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts compared to traditional motors. This means electric buses cause fewer operational and maintenance issues. The costs are more sustainable, as unlike petrol fuelled vehicles that require emission checks, fuel filters and oil changes – the EV option means that fewer checks are required. The only considerable factor that you will need to aware of is the battery choice and costs. We at EMC have all that information here, so if you need advice on battery choices, prices and capabilities we can help you out.

  4. Quieter Operation – Yes electric shuttle buses are quieter than your traditional petrol or gas option. This a great for resorts or hotels or any location that have guest staying for long periods over time. A quieter operation means happier guests. There has been external research to suggest that more noise equals more anxiety, depression and higher blood pressure. This research conducted back in 2015 suggested that overall that the mental and emotional effects include the increase of depressive symptoms. We can see on a functional and a health level, a quieter operation is better for everyone. The thought of operating a noise machine around your resort with the potential to upset your cliental could turn into dissatisfied customers, leading to buyer’s remorse. 

  5. Reduced Costs – According to a recent article in the publication The Driven has quoted that the International Council of Clean Transportation expect the initial costs for PEV’s alone will drop considerably by 2030. Reasons for this include battery prices eventually dropping due to supply and demand and as well reduced research and development costs. This prediction is easily transferrable to the costs for business to business costs. The research has also stated that short-range electric vehicles will be the first to drop in price reaching equal In turn make an electric shuttle bus investment for your business starts a revolution in terms of your budgeting and cost saving strategies. Initially a higher investment upfront, the overtime sustainable factors are considerable.


The Features

Industry Insights

Let’s take a look at the bigger picture of the Electric Vehicle Industry get a good idea of why purchasing an Electric Vehicle in general is good investment – individually and as a business. To see a correct picture we can show last year’s insights from JP Morgan Global. The research has shown that by 2025 30% of vehicles sales will be made up of EV’s and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. In terms of traditional ICE vehicles (internal combustion engines) by 2030 the market share it projected to drop to 40%.   

The main concern overall is the competition between the ICE (internal combustion engines) and EV Vehicles. However we can see that adoption is increasing as a whole from the graph above.

It’s no secret the EV market is growing fast golablly and within Australia. In terms of technology and scale of production however we are not quite there yet as a whole. Adoption and consumer sentiment still needs to rise to generate enough economies of scale long term. Good news – this is happening!

Factors such as recharging constraints are still a present concern for the individual user – however not for the business user – recharging capabilities are not a problem for our customers at EMC as it is part of the package.

It is known that the heritage of the traditional car will not be let go of easily, and it shouldn’t be as it has served us well for many years and overall has brought about the electrification of transportation. As a society we are currently dependant on fossil fuels as main sources of income for our global economy. The replacement of the car manufacturing industry in its entirety will be a costly affair and affect the labour force heavily – with the cost of retraining staff for example.

The disruption in the traditional car market growth of the EV market has led to the positive trends of adoption in Australia, and globally when it comes to EV’s. As a society we now have an abundance of choice when it comes to everything as we are living in a global economy. As a collective we don’t just base our choices on necessity. We base it on want and how we want to be perceived in society. The Electric Vehicle is a clear choice for those who care about the sustainable aspects that it brings to our world, as well as being on trend. For business it is a direct reflection on their corporate social responsibility. It is also clear that EV’s are the way of the future when it comes to transport as a whole. Sustainability isn’t just the only factor here, others include reliability, ease of use, cheaper to run – lower maintenance costs, and health factors. The general public interest is going so well it will be hard to follow and stay ahead of this growing adoptive state that EV’s now have.


In Australia we need to show that we are striving for a better environment and world. To have an electric vehicle in your business is one way to do that. As a whole it reflects well on your brand. The trends and tides are turning positively when it comes to making an environmentally conscious choice across all buying decisions. To have an electric product when it comes to your vehicles will show your customers that you have a commitment to sustainable practices which will ultimately make your company look better.

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