The EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

We have the COVID-19 Business Solution! The EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle!

As we all know 2020 is taking a different turn than we all would like it to. We are now in uncertain times with COVID-19 ever present in our minds within Australia. To that end, we at EMC Electric Vehicles are trying to help solve the problem at hand for small commercial and larger business entities in terms of cleaning solution to help stop the spread of germs and the virus COVID-19. Introducing the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle.   

The first of its kind, the 100% Electric, EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle, will help clean and sanitise your business and local area. Due to its electric capability, the unit is able to disinfect areas where a standard petrol vehicle cannot due its tail pipe fumes.

EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

From strata complexes, to retirement villages and shopping centres, the need to sanitise and clean has never been more important to our health and safety within Australia, for the Australian people. In particular we have to consider the older population of Australia and vulnerable people that suffer from auto immune diseases.

Our EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle has been developed to combat the growing need to sanitise areas with low to high traffic quickly & effectively. To pursue these measures effectively, the new EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle offers a clean, effective and efficient solution. Without sufficient testing in place, measures to prevent further spread must be utilised where it can to help protect the Australian public. This is where our EMC Micro-Cleansing Vehicle utilises itself, limiting the spread of COVID-19.

With all the different configurations available in our Micro Cleansing Vehicle, each vehicle has primary features that will help combat COVID-19.

EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle
EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

There are 5 Key Configurations in this Range;

1. Micro Electric Cleansing Vehicle (SWB Perfect for moving quickly in tight spaces)
2. Micro Electric Cleansing Vehicle (LWB Perfect for moving quickly in tight spaces with additional PPE storage compartment in tray)
3. Micro Electric Cleansing Vehicle (MA13 Australian made with a width of just 848mm its perfect for tight corridors, platforms & common areas.
4. Micro Electric Cleansing Vehicle (XLWB with a tank capacity of up to 600 Litres it’s perfect for larger scale disinfecting for example; footpaths, entry ways,   roads, internal/external areas.
5. Micro Electric Cleansing Vehicle: ( 4wd, it’s perfect moving over rough terrain to reach its destination for disinfection)

As Standard, All Vehicles Come With the Following:

  • x2 16 Litre Cleansing Backpack (Electric 8 Hour run time- 5.1 bar 75 PSI )
  • x1 60 Litre High Pressure Cleansing Unit (Electric Powered 8.3l/min 60 PSI pump)

Add on Cleaning Accessories Include;

Sourced locally on the Central Coast of NSW by joining forces with Rapid Spray, these accessories can prove to enhance your EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle, making surfaces even more clean and sanitised. We have a lithium powered high pressure disinfection sprayers as well as water refuelling tanks – EMC has it all! What’s better is that we can even install them for you if you need it!

See Below a list of Varied Cleaner Accessories we have Available;

  • Cartage Tank – UV and impact resistant
  • Back Pack Sprayers Electric – Ideal for hands on applications
  • Back Pack Sprayers Manual – Giving you more control
  • High Pressure Sprayers Electric – Lightweight and Compact
  • High Pressure Sprayers Petrol – Transport with ease and safety
  • Trailer Tank+ HP Sprayer – Maintenance Free
  • Misting Sprayers – Increase your Capability
  • Sprayer Booms – Enhance Disinfectant sprays
  • Disinfectant Chemicals – Combating the spread of COVID-19.
EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

Vehicle Specifications:

  • Seating Capacity: 2
  • Electric High Pressure Tank with 100m hose length
  • Standard Colours available: White, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Silver, Safety yellow
  • Custom Colours available on request: If you have a vehicle wrap request we can do this.
  • Recharging is simple, with a standard powerpoint

Optional Accessories

  • LCD Review Camera
  • Solar Panels
  • Enclosed Cabin Cover
  • LED Amber Beacon for safety and visibilty
  • EMC Tow Bar
  • Pull Behind 200L HP Disenfection Trailer
  • Non Marking Tyres
  • Public Announcment Speaker

With an extensive Spare Parts range, if you would like to arrange extra accessories for your vehicle, you can ask your sales person or visit our parts store online to browse the range of accessories we have on offer. What’s more if you have something particular in mind, we can always order it in for you.

5 Key Benefits of the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

  1. Keeps your public spaces clean
  2. High traffic areas are now free from germs with the use of the great accessories provided by Rapid Spray, such as the specially designed disinfectant sprayers.
  3. Have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle being 100% Electric, operated without harming the environment with Zero tailpipe emissions
  4. Routine cleaning made easy with all day charging capability. Sanitise and clean from dusk till dawn
  5. Knowing that you prevent the spread of COVID-19 gives a feel good feeling

                                                         Are you doing your bit to reduce the spread COVID-19 in your public spaces?

Where Can You Use Your EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle?

With the different configurations, the opportunities to suit small to large business are endless. Each vehicle has its key advantages of effective cleaning, however if you are looking for a compact size vehicle, our smallest size vehicle has a width of 848mm, length of 2254mm & a height of 1250mm. So if you are small strata complex, these EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicles are ideal to get to those hard to reach places and corners. Small walkways can be cleaned effectively with the compactness of the vehicle.

Areas to Use Your Micro Cleansing Vehicle

  • Strata Complexes
  • Shopping Centres
  • Airports
  • Schools
  • Councils Areas
  • Local Parks
  • Hospitals (Inside and Out)
  • Supermarkets
  • Retirement Villages

The diverse range of areas that this vehicle can be used makes this vehicle a positive aid for helping the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Though not a cure, any solution that provides a sanitising aid to stop the spread can help assist our communities.

The EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Point of Difference

With the accessories and the ability to run all day long, it allows the EMC micro cleansing vehicle to become a rapid response vehicle in these times of necessity for a cleaner safer world. With the added point of difference with the disinfectant sprayers, it will help stop the spread by providing an antibacterial aid. The use of the high pressure tanks will assist workers to reduce their work time. With the added bonus of the hose with lengths of over 100m, the ability to clean quickly be become even easier.

How is EMC Combating COVID-19?

EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

Stringent Hygiene

As many businesses face the long term effects of this evolving situation, it is important for EMC to facilitate safe, effective procedures within our workplace to ensure the safety of our team and our customers. To that end, which we have tightened hygiene procedures at our head office and with the majority of staff now working out of office. In terms of production and spare parts we have an experienced, safe and effective team on site to still build of vehicles to an excellent standard, with a strict cleaning procedure in place before sending our vehicles out for peace of mind for our clients.

Increased Efficiency

Given the growing concern of COVID-19, we understand the importance of effective solutions in a prompt time. Each of these Micro Cleansing Vehicles can be built in under 13 hours once in production. This gives your company the assurance that if you have new cleaning procedures that need to be met, your vehicle can be built efficiently to fit into your new measures and routine as soon as possible. This is the same for any other standard vehicle in our product range.

New Relationships – Rapid Spray

You will notice that we have a new accessory partner. Rapid Spray. Rapid Spray are a local company on the Central Coast of New South Wales that provides cleaning spraying solutions for domestic and commercial applications. They have made our EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicles even more effective with the use of their quality products offered.

EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

About Rapid Spray

Rapid Spray has been an Australian Owned business based out of Singleton in New South Wales. They have been in operation for over 25 years. The company cover many diverse industries across the agricultural, industrial and government sectors in the spraying and liquid cartage sector. With the long success and stability in these sectors they really do achieve their motto, quoted from their website that; ‘The Proof is in the Performance.’

With the focus to continually strive for peak performance in all of their products, letting their products do the work that is promised. Not only do they have a fantastic range of innovative and effective products, but they have a great ethos, of which EMC aligns with. The primary effort being their customer relationships whilst operating in an integral manner towards their customers and dealer relationships it identifiable with us at EMC. Another factor that EMC admire in Rapid Spray is their ability to innovate and partner with global leaders in technology and passing these benefits onto its customers and dealers. With all these characteristics, we are grateful to be partnering with Rapid Spray with our EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle.

Other Cleaning Vehicles that we are Excited About at EMC!

The Alke’ High Pressure Cleaning Unit. As you may already know we are excited to share our new range of Alke products, coming soon to EMC Electric Vehicles. If you are looking for a different product that can supply cleaning solutions, we have this great option as well.

Here is a quick insert from one of our previous articles explaining the Alke’ High Pressure Cleaner:

Here is a quick insert from one of our previous articles explaining the Alke’ High Pressure Cleaner:

“The key difference with this model is that like all the ATX Range the base model is the same, however with the added high pressure cleaner and the 600Litre Tank, as well as the 20m hose, it becomes a higher functioning multipurpose unit.

The beauty of Alkè is that they realise different businesses have different needs. EMC have chosen this configuration to suit varied commercial and industrial clients as well as government sectors to that suit the Australian business market.

ATX340EH Difference

  • Watering Unit with 600L tank
  • COMBI High pressure cleaner with 20m hose

With this vehicle configuration functionality is improved, improving the efficiency of work. The effectiveness of this unit is unprecedented, giving you as an opportunity to increase the workload capabilities due to factors such as tow and load capacity, the use of the high pressure cleaner, and the ability to be effective with the volume in the tank that it holds.” 

Our EMC Message

All EMC Electric Vehicles are built locally at West Gosford in New South Wales, Australia. EMC is dedicated to building vehicles that go beyond the customer expectation & with COVID-19 spreading dramatically throughout Australia, EMC has joined forces with other local Australian manufacturers such as Rapid Spray to provide solutions that may assist in reducing the spread of this deadly virus. This will in turn create a long term effective repellent against potential future viruses, and prevent the spread of germs in our community to help protect the Australian people.

It's up to us as a Nation to Work Together to Minimise the Spread!

With the said production timelines being at maximum efficiency, we strive to get your orders out as soon as possible, with all stringent hygiene, health and safety measures being taken to protect you. Being 100% Electric, all EMC Vehicles can be used inside or outside as they do not emit tailpipe fumes, giving the added environmental health and safety as well.

EMC has currently sufficient stock & we can assist with custom solutions quickly. EMC have a national distribution network & offer onsite servicing via our service contractor MLA Mitsubishi, to keep your vehicle up to date and working effectively at all times.