Formit Hand Wash Stations

Hand Wash! In addition to our Micro 100% Electric Cleansing Vehicle range, the first of its kind In Australia, we introduce Formit’s Hand Wash stations.

Formit hand wash stations can be additional to micro cleansing vehicle range, or any other of our EMC Vehicles, making it a great multi-functional unit for commercial and industrial applications within our EMC vehicle range.

These hand wash stations, manufactured in Australia, are already used widely across industries. Industries such as agriculture, food service, aged care and retirement facilities, construction and public spaces across Australia.

These industries align with EMC perfectly, which is why we couldn’t think of a better company to join forces with in regarding to adding a unique point of difference in our EMC 100% Electric Micro Cleansing Vehicle range to enhance its cleansing capabilities.

hand wash

Now more than ever personal hygiene is the most important factor in our everyday lives than ever before. With the after effects of Covid-19, across Australia and around the world we will soon be living a ‘new norm’.

The importance of maintaining and improving operational standards in regards to hygiene will become a key factor and top priority within our workforce within Australia.

For example; the integration of policies and procedures concerning; hygiene, washing your hands, cleansing, sanitising and disinfecting will be of top priority within these policies and procedures across commercial and industrial businesses alike.

The simple activity of washing your hands in regular intervals within your working day can literally help save lives, and with the help of Formit Hand Wash Stations, it is made even easier.

According to Formit, it has been proven that the spread of germs and bacteria are easily spread through hands and standard taps. With an extra-large basin and foot pump operation, Formit hand wash stations are the ideal solution for minimising this spread of Covid-19 and further germs and bacteria.

About Formit

Formit, officially Formit Portable Toilets as it is known, have been in business in Australia since 1983. Now Australia’s leading manufacturer of portable toilets, their products and service speak for themselves. Formit proudly manufacture all their products here in Australia, believing that Australian made speaks volumes and it very important to the Australian public.

Formit are not just proudly local here on the Central Coast, but keep it local, within their employees and supporting the local Central Coast economy. Due to the longstanding success of Formit, they can distribute their products nationally and internationally, advertising Australian made globally.

hand wash

With Formit, it’s not just about flushing the toilet. They have a wide range of consumable products available. This is why EMC have found the Formit Hand Wash Station to be a more than capable additional product to the Micro 100% Electric Cleansing Vehicle range.

This gives the Micro Cleansing Vehicle a further user friendly capability, increasing hygiene and health and safety.

The use of vertical integration from Formit within their manufacturing process help Formit customize their solutions to suit the Australian industry and market, keeping their brand essentially Australian throughout. Being Australia’s largest manufacturers of portable toilets allows a streamlined, efficient process in production.

This has helped aid fast-tracking their products direct to market within Australia, allowing for delivery expectations to be met every time.

The Features of Formit Hand Wash Stations

As stated above these hand wash stations from Formit help stop the spread of germs and bacteria.

With the current situation of Covid-19 we can see that presently and into the future that the ‘new norm’ will see businesses, domestic, commercial and industry alike, adapting and customizing their hygiene policies and procedures to become more stringent than ever before.

In addition to our EMC 100% Electric Micro Cleansing Vehicle range, EMC can see the importance of not just disinfection. The accountability of hand washing from the users of the vehicle, allowing them to maintain a consistent hygiene routine through their working shift.

This in turn will not only help slow the spread of viruses like Covid-19 but it protect the health of workers and the public simultaneously. What’s great about them it that they can be easily transported and are by nature portable and adaptable to any situation, making them a perfect addition to the Micro 100% Electric Cleansing Vehicle range.

Key Features of the Formit Hand Wash Station Include

  • An extra-large basin with foot pump operation
  • 80 litres Fresh Water capacity
  • 80 litres Grey Water capacity
  • Made from durable, non-absorbent materials
  • Available in Blue or Grey
hand wash
hand wash

Key Specifications of the Formit Hand Wash Station

  • Height – 1360mm
  • Length – 500mm
  • Depth- 420mm

These dimensions make the hand wash station a perfect additional accessory for the Micro Cleansing Vehicle and can fit perfectly in a long wheel base configuration, and extra-long wheel base configuration as these have plenty of compartment tray storage.

Optional Extras

  • Soap Dispenser
  • Hand Towel Holder

Advantages of Using the Formit Hand Wash Station

In our workplaces, a standard procedure should be followed to ensure correct hygiene is taking place. With using the hand wash station in conjunction with the Micro Cleansing Vehicle your business can have increased capability within cleansing, disinfection and personal hygiene, encompassing a 360 degree working advantage.

By using the Formit Hand wash Station, it ensures not only an ongoing repetitive procedure of hand washing, but due to the portable nature of the hand wash station it can be set up anywhere which makes the ease of use a considerable advantage!

Here are the Eight Key Advantages of Formit Hand Wash Stations

  1. Portability – The great thing about this hand wash station is that it is portable. It can be taken on and off the Micro Cleansing Vehicle easily and can be set up in your working area.
  2. Ease of Use – The foot pump operation, is an ideal solution to decrease the spread of germs, without the worker having to touch the hand wash station itself continuously.
  3. Further Hygiene Capabilities – In addition to the micro cleansing vehicle, the 360 working advantage increasing the workers capabilities with adding further cleaning capabilities for themselves and their environment.
  4. Reduction of Bacteria – Working with the micro cleansing vehicle range, the Formit Hand Wash Station again simultaneously cleans the persona and increases the cleanliness of the working area.
  5. Durability – Perfect for external areas as the hand wash station itself is made up of durable non-absorbent materials. This allows for further flexibility of where you can use your Formit hand wash station.
  6. Environmentally Friendly – The aspect of using grey water incorporates the reusing of organic matter, decrease environmental waste.
  7. Water Saving – The use of grey water decreases fresh water use. Water Saving is a vital aspect of Australian day to day life. This is also a cost saving advantage. As reducing the need to use as much fresh water where possible it can reducing outgoings and reduce the demands of public water supply.
  8. Reducing the Risk of further spreading of Covid-19 – The impact of Covid-19 has been global, personal, financial and economical. By using simple methods such as washing your hands to help stop the spread of the virus it a pretty simple method. By adding the Formit Hand Wash station to your workplace, this will assist greatly to stopping the spread of Covid-19.

The Importance of Hand Washing

Adapting the new norm in Australia will be a shift for us all, so it’s important to start with the basic hygiene principles so ensure we are doing things the right way. We can spread germs without knowing on a frequent basis by just touching our face, handrails, shopping trolleys, external surfaces when we are in public.

With the current Covid-19 situation slowly starting to improve we can see that what we are doing in Australia is working with activities such as staying at home and social distancing. We have to think about our hygiene and personal safety if we are at work, so in this instance the importance of handwashing is vital. This is where the Formit hand wash station plays its part in your working day.

With the added advantage of the Formit Hand wash Station, a key factor in helping the Micro 100% Electric Cleansing Vehicle Range become even better highlights hand washing. So to keep us in check, let’s review the basics in the importance of hand washing below;

hand wash

Hand Washing and Hygiene

Washing your hands is a basic principle that ensures the prevention and control of the spread of viruses, like Covid-19. The practice of good hygiene can literally saves lives and prevent illness for yourself and for others. The spread of coronavirus can be halted further, not just by social distancing and the measures put in place by the Australian Government but the simple basic principle of washing your hands. By putting in place the Formit Hand wash Station, a portable unit in your Micro Cleansing Vehicle, you can set a cleaning disinfectant routine in your workspace and routinely wash your hands at the start and finish of each task.

Examples of When You Need to Wash Your Hands

  • Before, during, and after preparing food
  • Before eating food
  • Before and after caring for someone at home who is sick with the flu, virus or any contagious disease
  • After using the bathroom,
  • After handling children
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing
  • After touching an animal, pet food, pet treats and pet waste
  • After touching general waste
  • During your working shift.

Due the Covid-19 Pandemic, these other areas where you should wash your hands are also being advertised:

  • After you have been in a public place and touched an item or surface that may be frequently touched by other people, such as door handles, tables, gas pumps, shopping carts, or self-serve-checkouts.
  • Before touching your face or body.

How to Wash Your Hands - Using Hand Wash

It may seem like a simple task, that we really don’t need to go over, but like the safety video on the airplane it’s important to read and watch as the coronavirus continues to still be across the globe.

These 6 Easy Steps below explain how to wash your hands properly:

  1. Wet Hands
  2. Apply Soap
  3. Lather and Scrub
  4. Rinse Hands
  5. Turn off tap
  6. Dry Hands

Ensure that this process is taking at least 20 seconds to eliminate germs.

This advice was taken from NSW Health.

View the Video Below to see a step by step example on how to wash your hands correctly

Combining these hand washing techniques with the Formit Hand Station will make your workforce a clean machine! Giving your customers peace of mind that you are not only doing your job effectively, but hygienically safe. This enhances the Micro 100% Electric Cleansing Vehicle range by offering a great point of difference and increasing working capability even further.

EMC Working with Local Suppliers

hand wash

Through the Covid-19 pandemic EMC has sought out to increase its relationships with local Australian suppliers on the Central Coast of New South Wales as well as other leading Australian suppliers and manufacturers. We are doing so because, not only are we helping to build the local economy but EMC are sticking to its core values of environmental practices; as using local suppliers for example, decreases your carbon footprint. This can also be shown by decreasing delivery and collection to shorter journeys, for example.

It has been researched that forty six percent of Australians believe that buying locally is key driver in strengthening the Australian economy. Supporting sustainable practices is key belief of ours at EMC, being an electric vehicle company is not just about providing electric vehicle solutions, but about showing a commitment to sustainability within Australia. Using sustainable practices is part of the makeup of our core values to help Australia become a cleaner and healthier environment.

Combined with the emphasis of the health of the Australian people, EMC want to be able to share the love of these great brands and companies like Formit to aid in stopping the spread of covid-19 and provide a long term solution to the ‘new norm’ that we are facing here in Australia and through the world.

Find out about our other local suppliers that we are working with here