Golf Carts…5 things you need to know!

1. Origins

Golf carts. Buggies. Leisure Vehicles. Whatever the name that you refer to – a golf cart is easy to identify – but why be interested or even buy one? Well let’s start with its roots. Originated in America the Golf cart was used as a disabled aid in the 1930’s, as a service cart for the those who needed assistance around golf course – who would have thought that by the 1950’s the perception had changed to an almost luxury status, a golf cart on the course was a must have! The ultimate cool and social status was to be seen in one and to have one of your own. This led the to the opportunity of a different kind of demographic to the market depicting a shift in what potential a golf cart could have. Now in the 21st century we can see that the growth is continuing with positive findings from Golf Australia in 2017, the memberships of golf communities are experiencing a growth of 37% the industry of golf will only lead to the expansion of the golf cart industry. 

2. Versatility - Not just for Golfing!

The essence of the golf cart had changed and become more versatile in its uses; to showing status in the golf game, increasing the independence of the elderly in a retirement village, to even helping an injured footy player off the field in ANZ stadium. Alternately, if a landowner with a substantial plot needs to get around his property without walking around on a hot summers day in Australia, a golf cart is ideal for this situation. Due to its versatile nature, it’s not a far stretch to imagine that it may be roadworthy in some areas of Australia one day. 

3. Eco-friendliness & Noise Pollution

The great thing about golf carts is that they are eco-friendly, and produce low carbon emissions. The running of the vehicle is not harmful to the environment due to its electric nature, and let’s face it, it would be good to take accountability and start being part of the solution of moving towards a cleaner environment wouldn’t it? Choosing an electric golf cart will help conserve the environment and leave less of a carbon footprint. When considering the running a golf cart, the lack of sound from the cart leaves for a smoother more pleasant ride, leaving you to concentrate on your peaceful surroundings on the golf course and enjoy the full moon of driving your vehicle from A to B. 


4. Customisation

One great thing about choosing a golf cart is the endless possibilities to can lead to in terms of the make-up of your vehicle. At EMC we can customise your golf cart to suit your needs, whether it be as simple as a colour change, logo inserts or extra wheels, all are possible due to the flexibility of the initial make-up of the golf cart. You even have choice to off road your vehicle for hunting uses, so you can get to higher round and rougher terrain. 

5. They're Fun!

With all the above mentioned, it should be said that Golf carts are a lot of fun to drive and can also be a very relaxing experience. EMC offers a wide range of golf carts where you can get the best value for your money and to suit your needs, even if it isn’t to play golf!


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