Designed to to perform the EMC Housekeeping vehicle was designed for the busy Housekeeper, Maintenance person or onsite cleaner.

Its robust design allows it to perform above & beyond. Its lockable waterproof pan tech box  allows for clean linen, dirty linen , cleaning products or tools to be stored safely, while providing ease of access when required.

Its spacious two seat design provides a comfortable ride , while providing extra space to store items behind the front seats.

When it rains your job doesn’t, we offer all weather curtains to keep you dry & warm.

Its powerful 5kW Electric motor allows for great climbing ability for sites with hills , even when loaded.

Being built locally within Australia EMC prides itself on building vehicles built for the Australian conditions, this is why we provide a 3 year manufacturing warranty.

EMC offers nationwide delivery & a national service network supported by MLA Mitsubishi , We provide onsite hassle free servicing anywhere in Australia.

Battery System: Your Choice Of Lead Acid, Maintenance Free Full River Gel Batteries or Lithium Battery System


5kW DC Electric

Power Source:

48v Deep Cycle Trojan Batteries 


400amp Programmable Curtis Controller 

Motor Type:

Shunt Wound 

Battery Charger:

Integrated On-Board Smart Charger 

Max Speed:


Max Charge Time:


Range (Loaded):

> 80km Fully Loaded 

Climbing Ability:

25% Fully Loaded 

(set at 20km/h)

Range: 800km (Depending on use)


Self-Compensating Rack and Pinion 

Front and Rear Suspension:                

Leaf Springs with Hydraulic Shock Absorbers 

Service Brake:

Rear Wheel mechanical Self Adjusted Drum 

Park Brake:

Hand Brake

3 Point Seat Belts (OPTIONAL)

2 Point Seat Belts (STANDARD)

Reverse Camera (OPTIONAL)

Emergency Shut down Button (OPTIONAL)

Headlights (STANDARD)

Tails lights (STANDARD)


Indicators (STANDARD)

Hard door Cabin Protection (OPTIONAL)

Glass windscreen + Wiper (OPTIONAL)

Anti Slip Floor mat’s (STANDARD)


Reverse Siren (STANDARD)


  • Glass Windscreen +Wiper
  • Front & Rear Tow Point
  • Stereo
  • AGM Battery Option
  • Single Point Watering
  • Lithium Battery Option
  • Solar Panel (Roof Mounted)
  • Structural support frame
  • Seat Covers
  • All Weather Curtains
  • GPS Tracking