There has been a shift in the use of electric all terrain vehicles on properties & out in the bush. Though around for a while petrol All terrain vehicles have limitations compared to Electric 4×4 vehicle.

So, why is this? Read on below to find out about some benefits about our range of hunting vehicles we offer here at EMC. 

The Electric Vs Petrol Myth

Many Complain that electric vehicles do not last as long as petrol, this is not the case as Electric batteries & charging have evolved over the years to where now you can have long lasting Lithium solutions & rapid charging that allows vehicles to be fully charged with 1.5 hours. Additionally with the popularity growth of Solar power you can now have installed solar panels on the roof of your electric all terrain 4×4 vehicle, this provides a portable & efficient recharging solution. For long trips a portable generator is still a perfect low cost investment that acts just like the modern day Jerry can. All these options are available at EMC Electric vehicle.

So whats the difference?

  1. Noise
  2. Pollution
  3. Maintenance 

Powerful Electric motor with low noise output

The combination of the rear 5.3kW & front 5.4kW Electric motor provides superior power while still providing less noise out, compared to petrol alternatives within the Australian market. Let’s set the scene. You got your reliable gas powered vehicle, it’s always worked and done the job. But the noise!!! It’s scaring everything away! Every time you get ready to collect, the noise of the motor scares your chosen prey and stops you from getting what you came for. You’re so used to your gas powered vehicle, but now with the option of electric – why would you hesitate? Just on the sound issue alone, it’s worth it. The quietness of the electric battery in the Explore range allows you to cruise along without uncertainty of noise, therefore you can have the knowledge that your day out hunting will be more of a success.

The Size

The compactness of the vehicle makes it a more agile option in the terrains you want to go for. Making the options for more trails a possibility. Compared to a traditional 4×4, there is a sizable difference as it is a compact vehicle that allows you to get into tight areas that might not have been possible, before.The all terrain Explore vehicle can whip in and out of the rocky, muddy, rough terrain as well – giving you the freedom you want for your day out on your farm or out in the bush hunting. Additionally the EMC All terrain Electric vehicle can switch effortlessly between 2wd & 4wd allowing you to conserve power while taking advantage of the 12 inch all terrain tyres when required.


As said before, high clearance is an option, however we also have a number of other optional extras such as;  weather covers, tow bars, trailers, lighting, tyre types. and much more. To make it an even more authentic experience, we have camouflage colours available to give you more advantage for your day out hunting.  

Watch this Space...

These are just a few pointers on hunting buggies as a whole. On a nostalgic note, let’s just sit back and realise that we are lucky in Australia to have the landscape suited to these types of vehicles! 

They allow us to enjoy more of the hobbies we love to do. To add more to the excitement, lately, drones have been a hot topic as an accessory to our hunting buggy range. The advantages to this are many, including more range of sight, scoping out new areas, and recording your day out of fun. So the opportunity for added accessories in the Explore range is coming soon.

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