Lithium Battery Systems

At EMC we are always excited when we hear of new technology and how we can make our products better and more efficient for our customers. One way we are consistently striving for more in terms of quality, reliability and endurance is our batteries! By constant improvement in our battery systems are just one way to make our vehicle runs more efficiently. Known for powering freedom, Lithium Battery Systems offer more power, lighter weight, more capacity and longer life making the batteries themselves more cost effective.

History of the Lithium Battery

Professor John Goodenough showed lithium to be a capable battery in 1979 at Oxford University in which he demonstrated lithium cobalt oxide as a rechargeable battery. Years later in 1991, it was the company Sony who produced and showcased the first lithium battery combining it with carbon anode for marketable use. Since then with the help of increased knowledge and technology, lithium is in every device such as tablets, laptops and mobile phones. Now with its capabilities, in electric vehicles.

Why Lithium Battery Systems?

The team in Brisbane have put in extensive research and development to produce a top quality product with their lithium batteries. They have been verifying their designs to ensure that factors like safety and compatibility are a top priority for the end user. Made in Australia, from design to manufacturing, LBS stay on top of quality control and functionality in house to ensure the end product is the best it can be.


In regards to safety, it has always been a taboo issue concerning lithium batteries, but with LBS’s metal enclosure designs made for vehicles like ours EMC, the aluminium enclosures ensure the containment of the battery. So if you have an accident – there is no cause for concern that the battery will pop out the event of a roll over on the golf course, or a tumble in the warehouse.

Quality Control

The consistent testing and quality control processes that LBS systems conduct on a regular basis can assure you the instilled confidence when using your lithium battery. Stored energy, as in a lot of Lithium in one place, is always a risk, as with a lot of battery situations. For example, when charging your EMC vehicle we recommend that you do so in a when ventilated area to ensure that there isn’t a build of gas surrounding the area, causing a potential hazard. The general rule of thumb it is to keep them out of sunlight and standard room temperature.


The opportunity of customisation is also available when considering choosing a lithium battery over a lead acid for your EMC vehicle, or any other electric vehicle. The designs of the enclosures for Golf Carts for example, will be customised to ensure things like safety, functionality and the overall look of the vehicle are all catered for, so you can use your chosen Electric Vehicle without concern.

Lithium Benefits

What’s great about lithium is that it’s light. So if you’re charging around the golf course, the weight of the battery is not even an issue, you’ll feel like you’re having a smoother ride all round. If you are commercial business and looking for something more practical like our Elite range the light weight battery will help you move around your warehouse or commercial site more effectively and efficiently.  The added benefits of the lighter weight battery include great range capacity, more acceleration and Lithium Battery Systems website boasts a 20% reduction in regards to the impact of grass areas, this is great news for golf cart users.

To find out more about the great benefits of using lithium, have a look at their website.

*Lithium in the News*

There is talk of a “next gen” battery in which less cobalt is used in the make-up of the lithium battery due to difficulties the mining of cobalt, of which political and economic reasons are at the forefront. However that is still years away from inception. The reality of making a cobalt free battery is unlikely, however to use less would be desirable of a cost level for companies, so the cost does not get passed onto the customer.

The recycling of electric batteries as a whole has been a hot topic, as we are constantly trying to be a more sustainable planet. As electric vehicle become more popular the recycling concept should become the next stage of research and development for the longevity of all batteries used for electric vehicles.

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