Take a Look at Our MY20 Golf Cart Range...

Are you excited to start a new golf season this Spring/Summer?

Do it in style with the new and improved range of the MY20 Vantage Golf Carts.

We have the range to suit whatever you desire when it comes to your new golf cart for this season!

Let’s have a look at the new range, the features, extras and opportunities for you when it comes the new MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range.

Introducing the Vantage Paramount…

With all the bells and whistles! What’s great about this range is that it is premiering our new accessories partner Garmin – with all the trimmings! With the Vantage Paramount, it’s all about accessorising! With the Approach G80 Advanced GPS golf finder, the Approach Z80, the golf laser range, with brackets included for your convenience so you can start the golf day off in style, practicality and fun is compulsory with these sophisticated pieces in your new golf cart. If you want to start off your new golf adventures with the peace of mind that you have everything you need and want, go with the Vantage Paramount.

MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range
MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range

Hang on a Second, Let’s Talk about those Garmin Products…

The Golf Finder: Approach G80 Advanced GPS.

Featuring, a touchscreen display with a modern design to access your progress on the golf course and a monitoring system that helps with head and ball speed, swing temp and estimated distance. The Approach gives you access to over 41,000 golf course maps worldwide. One of the great things about the Approach G80 helps you test and improve your golf game with practice and games modes available.


The Golf Laser Range Finder with GPS: The Z80.

This laser range finder is one of the best, if not, the best on the market. The laser measures distance within 10 inches to the flag which is up to 350 yards. The viewfinder is in full colour with perfect course view for you to cruise around with no worries to find your next golf hole. The green view feature of the range finder shows the full distance of the golf green, making it easier to measure the distance making your game seamless.

Other Bonuses of using Garmin for your Golf:

·         Garmin Golf App – The great thing about Garmin is the level of connectivity they have with their users. By using the golf app with your chosen products it helps you connect with other players and improve your game.

·         There are a number of accessories for your accessory; including lanyards, charging adaptors and a USB cables to jazz up your Garmin obsession.

Coming Soon: Approach S40 Watch.

This accessory really works as a combination of the golf finder and the laser range finder. The additional smartwatch features makes it wearable on more levels than just golf. It has a fitness component as well, which tracks your steps, on or off the golf course.

Other stand out features of the watch include;

  •  The Green view function which includes; a layout of the green, drag and drop feature allows for precise targeting on the  green

  •    An Activity tracker

  •    A Smartwatch function

  •    It you want to keep score, the watch offers a scorecard capability tracking your awesomeness!

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Now lets get back to that range…

Going For Gold with the Gold Edition...

This Vantage is packed full of features including the Approach G80 Advanced GPS golf finder as the stand out solo Garmin feature. This is a GPS tracker that monitors and tracks your progress on the golf course. What’s great about the Gold Edition is that it still provides with the style and functionality you want like the sturdy 10 inch Kenda Tyres without the added extras, give it a lower price tag to suit your needs.  If you ever want to upgrade the features, all you have to do is ask us at EMC. Our spare parts department stocks a full diverse range of not just Garmin accessories, but brands such as Narva for your lighting needs and other gimmicks to keep your golf cart looking fresh and acting functional.

MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range
MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range

The Enticing Esport Model…

The Vantage Esport will get the job done. If you’re not one for the added extras and enjoy the simplicity of things, then the Esport is for you. The Esport still packs a punch when whizzing around the Golf course with a 5.0kW AC Motor, and at EMC we like to provide the maximum quality when it comes to our standard features.

Let’s see what these Standard Features are;

Standard Features across the MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range:

  • Split Fold Windscreen

  • Lead Acid Battery Systems from R & J Batteries

  • LED High-Low Beam Head Lights

  • LED Tail lights & Blinkers

  • Horn & Reversing Beeper

  • 10 inch Alloy Wheels and Kenda Tyres – with the option to go bigger, please feel to ask us!

  • Seat Belts

  • Side mirrors

  • 2 x 12V Outlet for those Garmin Accessories

  • LCD Speedometer/Odometer/Battery Gauge – High & Low Speed Settings

  • On Board-Delta-Q-Smart Charger – Connects to standard 240V Power Outlet

  • Available Standard colours are Blue, White, Black, Green, Red, Silver and Champagne.

MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range
MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range

Modifications & Accessories Available for the MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range:

  • All Season Seat Covers – customisation available

  • All Weather Curtains

  • Sand bottles

  • Ball & Club Washers

  • Single Point Watering System

  • Non-Powered Cooler, or the 12Volt Engel Cooler/Warmer

  • Audio Units

  • Annual Service Contract

  • Lithium/Full River Battery Systems… See below a snapshot from our previous article of the Full MY2O Vantage Range…

  • Custom Colours Available

  • Customised Alloy Rims

  • Coloured roof

Snapshot from the MY20 Vantage Article gives you some information on the battery choices available;

  • ” Lead Acid Batteries as a standard from our reliable Australian supplier R & J Batteries. This is a US Battery brand that provides the highest total energy of the battery’s lifetime thanks to diamond plate technology.

  • Lithium battery Upgrades available from our suppler Lithium Battery Systems, a keen Australian owned company that have developed the latest and greatest when it comes to lithium technology.

  • Full River battery upgrades available – from our exclusive supplier R & J, Full River can be used across the MY20 Vantage range. The deep cycle range offers a gel component, which allow for little to no maintenance, most ideal for utility applications.”

Battery Choices at EMC

The MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range Launch…

The MY20 Vantage Golf Cart range Premiere – Try before you buy!

Another great thing about MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range is that if your down at the Veteran’s Golf Week this September, you will get to see first-hand the awesomeness that is the Paramount, Gold Edition and the Esport Vantage Range!

Come down and see us at the Brisbane Water District Veterans Golfers Club Week of Golf from the 23rd – 28th September 2019!

The Weeks’ Timetable…

Monday 23rdKooindah Golf Resort Wyong 7:30am Shotgun start – Four Person Ambrose

Tuesday 24thGosford Golf Club 7:00am-9:00am Tee offs, Individual Stableford

Wednesday 25th – Rest day – look out for posted activities and tours!

Thursday 26thToukley, 7:00am-9:00am Tee offs, Individual Stableford

Friday 27thEverglades Country Club, 7:30am Shotgun start 1:00pm Lunch and Presentation.

If you’re interested in the Golf Week, registration is on Sunday the 22nd September 2019.

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