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We all know with your regular car service, it’s usually every 6 months. It is hard to know with electric vehicles when to service, because we are all still very new to it all. However help is on hand here at EMC. Below are some informative maintenence tips to help you get to know your vehicle and what it may need from time to time.

5 Top Maintenence Tips

1. Monitor to the battery

As time passes the battery will wear out from time to time after extended usage. It is important to top up your battery, as we have seen this in previous articles such as Golf Cart Batteries. Our new suppliers at R & J Batteries have set us up with great quality batteries that last including the reliable S Battery Brand. The great thing about this brand is that they are well-established and have been around since 1926. Another reason that we use this particular brand is that is most suitable for our types of vehicles. The usage of most vehicles that we have are designed for functionality and a lasting battery cycle. Due to the continuous research and development these guys do, there XC Diamond Plate Technology boasts “Xtreme Capacity”, so battery issues are now becoming less of an issue these days concerning Electric Vehicles. As a customer of EMC, EMC servicing and Warranty issues will cover most issues including battery matters, should you encounter them.

2. Assess the brake water

Regenerative braking helps the efficiency if all the systems are used. Instead of a traditional braking system, using the regenerative system can increase driving range and decrease emissions to ultimately help cut down carbon emissions. By using this braking system instead it can also improve other things like efficiency of the vehicle and reducing wear and tear on the brake pads. Overall, this will increase the lifespan of the electric vehicle.

3. Tyres

Like a regular vehicle tyres have to be replaced from time to time. The wear and tear of tyres is something that needs to be considered, especially with electric vehicles. Firstly, EV’s are heavier than regular vehicles, generally speaking. This may not true our golf carts or leisure vehicles, but with our more industrial types such as our Burden Carriers or the Dulevo Sweepers. The reason for this is the weight of the battery, an unfortunate necessity for an Electric Vehicle! Within the servicing that we offer, this is one thing that will be definitely be checked. What goes hand in hand with this issue is the tyre pressure. Making sure the pressure is correct is only going to make your ride smoother.

4. Fluids

Now what is this about? Well batteries for our Electric Vehicles require a watering system. The heating and cooling maintenance is very important to ensure the long life of the battery. The regular checks on your batteries will help you maintain this issue. At EMC we always recommend a service kit to aid with this issue, and our single point watering system comes with a hand pump for your convenience.

5. Chassis Care

Generally speaking it always important to look after your vehicle on an aesthetic level. It your vehicle looks in shape, it shows to yourself that you are looking after it. Regular care of the chassis will always have a positive effect on the rest of your maintenance and reduce the amount of servicing being done on your vehicle.


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The Process of Servicing & Warranty at EMC

EMC has a great network of service and support across Australia for all electric vehicles. Whether you are in far North Queensland or Western Australia, we’ve got you covered. If you are local, we can authorise an EMC Service Technician to attend to your service needs. If you are out of our area, we can book your nearest service agent to ensure your service is done on your electric vehicle as soon as possible. With our warranty terms, most of our vehicles are on a 3 year manufacturing term. A regular and preventative service is what’s needed to ensure the upmost care and quality control for your electric vehicle.

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