The Efficient EV Titan


EV Titan – The Efficient EV for Your Business! The EV Titan and its efficiency. Now in Australia, there has been a changing demand in policies and procedures in regards to cleansing and disinfecting. The way we work in 2020 is changing. Australian Businesses are now looking for new ways to be cleaner and more […]

The EMC Resort Vehicle – The MY20 Vantage Range

The EMC Resort Vehicle – The MY20 Vantage Resort Range The EMC Resort Vehicle is part of our MY20 Vantage Range which is so much more to than Electric golf carts. The EMC Resort Vehicle provides a great solution for your business. Available up to an 8 seater, move your customers around in style and […]

The Electric Golf Cart

MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range

The Electric Golf Cart Now known as the Electric Golf Cart, some may still reference it as a golf buggy. Electric golf carts have been getting better and better. Which the electric motors going from strength to strength, whether it be AC or a DC motor, newer technologies have allowed the leaps and bounds of […]