The Efficient EV Titan


EV Titan – The Efficient EV for Your Business! The EV Titan and its efficiency. Now in Australia, there has been a changing demand in policies and procedures in regards to cleansing and disinfecting. The way we work in 2020 is changing. Australian Businesses are now looking for new ways to be cleaner and more […]

Who’s Considered Electric Vehicles in 2019?

Who’s has Considered Electric Vehicles in 2019? With 2020 fast approaching, we at EMC have taken a huge journey in understanding our customer needs this year. In order for us to do this we have been busy researching and reflecting who is in the market and why individuals or businesses would even consider Electric Vehicles? […]

The Electric Vehicle Industry – The Update.

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

The Electric Vehicle Industry – The Update In this latest article, discover the electric vehicle industry updates for 2019. We at EMC want to keep you informed so you have a full picture of whats going on the Electric Vehicle industry. Lets start with the big name in the industry, a brand that has revolutionized […]

The EV Titan

The EV Titan – The Electric Vehicle Revolution With the demand for bigger and better – with more power – EMC Electric Vehicles have listened! The new EMC EV Titan is where it’s at – with a 7Kw AC Electric Motor and load limit of 800 Kilograms – this new EV Titan is your next […]