The D.zero²: 100% Electric

What an exciting age we live in to find ourselves at this stage of technological advancement. To see the leaps and bounds that we have made in the electric vehicle industry, not just on our level here at EMC, but in industrial applications as a whole.

With Dulevo and Varley Group partnering up in March 2019, with now the continued relationship with EMC we are happy to be selling all Dulevo products. However we are particularly proud to be showcasing the D.zero²: 100% Electric Industrial Sweeper.

This is the first of its kind, a 100% Electric Street Sweeper created by Dulevo.

The Sweeper

Product Features Include:

  • Minimum cleaning track of 1750mm, a Maximum cleaning track of 3200mm
  • Washing solution tank capacity 220 litres
  • Waste Container Capacity of 2.1m³
  • 2 Seat Capacity
  • 5 Stage dual control system
  • Maximum Speed 25Km/h

Optional Extras Include:

  • Fast Battery Charger (2.5 hours)
  • Heated / Electric Mirrors
  • Remote Suction Hose
  • Spare Wheel (not mounted)
  • Customised Paint

Dulevo D.zero² quotes:

  • Zero Emissions
  • Zero Manoeuvring problems
  • Zero Limits
  • Zero Risks

The Benefits

These characteristics add a wealth of benefits to the end user such as;

  • Reducing Pollution – Cutting down pollution such as air and noise due to the functionality of the filter system and choosing electric over a gas powered sweeper
  • Lost lasting charge with the use of the powerful lithium battery: Li Fe PO4, gives you up to 8 hours of autonomy, meaning a full day’s work is no problem!
  • Size – The compact size of the sweepers allows the D.zero² to move and out of tight crowded areas, ideal for councils that have large populations.
  • CSR – As a private user, it really aids your corporate social responsibility in by using an electric powered sweeper; you are doing your bit for the environment.
  • Quiet Operation – giving you flexibility for your hours of operation, you can operate in the early hours of the morning with the peace of mind that you are not upsetting any residents in your area.
  • Reliability – With less mechanics involved, less hoses and fluids, they are become more reliable machines for day to day to operate your business with peace of mind.
  • Cost Saving – The upfront cost might make you think, however the price of fuel is something that has us all paying more, let alone the cost of running a vehicle on an industrial/commercial scale. This can maintain your cost of operation at more of a fixed level, without the worry of fluctuating petrol prices.

For more information on Technical Specifications, take out a look at the D.zero² website for more information.

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So Where Can my D.zero² be Used?

If you thinking about where the D.zero² could fit in your organisation these are the applications in where it go…

  • Cities – the compact design allows the sweeper to move in and around
  • Pedestrian areas – bicycle paths and heavy pedestrian areas.
  • Car Parks – From large and small car parks, the manoeuvrability of the D.zero² allows for efficient collection of dirt and debris. As the machine is electric it doesn’t emit harmful pollution allowing for safe cleaning of indoor car parks.
  • Shopping centres – The adaptable sweepers weaves in and out of shopping centres with ease
  • Recreational areas – The environmentally friendly sweeper is suitable for those areas that only allow renewable applications around their areas.
  • Ports and Airports – The capacity of the quality design of this sweeper means efficiency is its thing, which a dominant factor in these high traffic areas and at the same time emitting zero emissions.

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