The EMC Resort Vehicle – The MY20 Vantage Resort Range

The EMC Resort Vehicle is part of our MY20 Vantage Range which is so much more to than Electric golf carts. The EMC Resort Vehicle provides a great solution for your business. Available up to an 8 seater, move your customers around in style and comfort in our EMC Resort Vehicle. To find out more read below to see how having an EMC Resort Vehicle is a great solution for your people moving problems.

Where to you use your EMC Resort Vehicle?

You might be thinking – that’s great – does this apply to me and my business? You would be surprised as to where a resort vehicle can be utilised;

·         Holiday Resorts and Parks

·         Retirement Villages

·         Large Hotel complexes

·         Assisted Living

·         Aged Care Facilities

·         Universities and Schools

·         Zoos

·         Large Recreational Parks & Tour Sites

·         Theme Parks

The EMC Resort Vehicle Difference

Why choose us over the competitors? Firstly, if you are after ongoing customer service, servicing capability and competitive pricing – then EMC is the choice for you. The functionality of this vehicle, is also something that is a key decider and has seen big names in the resort industry within Australia in a consistent state of reordering. With the Vantage range in particular its curved edges give it a unique look which give the vehicle a sense of style and sophistication. Modern applications keep your vehicle on trend and with the latest in manufacturing advances in the electric vehicle industry. Other upgrades and point of difference with your EMC Resort vehicle consist of different windscreen options and battery choices.

EMC Resort Vehicle
EMC Resort Vehicle

Seat Configurations

Even in our 2 Seat offering it can provide the storage solution you need in terms of bags and luggage. Just simply flip the back seat open and there you have the storage compartment for up to 3 guests – which is standard fitting from a 4 seater and upwards. This is known as a ‘cargo deck’ – providing your business with that extra flexibility. What you choose will up to you and how much you feel you need. If you fall under a resort or holiday park for example, ask yourself these questions:

·         How many guests arrive each day?

·         How much luggage do the guest have – will I need a tray on the back?

·         How often do guest arrive?

·         What type of guests do I have – does it mainly consist of couples or families?

What’s more: The 4 Seat forward facing offers a rear storage area for bags and luggage, leaving you able to carry a family altogether in style and comfort to their resort location.

You can see below the Elite Range in a 6 Seat Configuration as an idea of size and space



  • Like all the Vantage Range – they come with standard features; check out the list out below, taken from our MY20 Vantage article:

  • Powerful AC 5KW Electric Motor

  • Handbrake Assist

  • Custom Branding available – which is great for bigger establishments such as Hotels, Resorts and Universities

  • Conditional Registration ready

  • Lead Acid Batteries as a standard from our reliable Australian supplier R & J Batteries. This is a US Battery brand that provides the highest total energy of the battery’s lifetime thanks to diamond plate technology.

  • Lithium battery Upgrades available from our suppler Lithium Battery Systems, a keen Australian owned company that have developed the latest and greatest when it comes to lithium technology.

  • Full River battery upgrades available – from our exclusive supplier R & J, Full River can be used across the MY20 Vantage range. The deep cycle range offers a gel component, which allow for little to no maintenance, most ideal for utility applications.

  • 10 Inch Alloy Wheels and Kenda tyres

  • 4 cup holders – golf day is complete with a drink to keep you hydrated all day long on the golf course.

  • Glass windscreen and wiper upgrade is available

  • 12V Outlet for your accessories and devices if you need it.

  • LED High low beam headlights, tail lights, blinkers, horn and reversing alarms

  • 3 Year Warranty available

The Five Core Benefits of your EMC Resort Vehicle

1. Efficiency

We are a fan off efficiency in our vehicles here at EMC. Our EMC Resort Vehicle from the MY20 Vantage Range is no exception. When talking about efficiency we mean operational and energy efficient. These include operational and environmental costs.

If you opt for an internal combustion engine option for your resort vehicle, the conversion of energy is not as effective. The waste that this does, wastes fuel, power and money, making you less efficient as a business.

In terms of the environmental impact, using an Electric powered vehicle is better for the environment. Not to mention its looks good on your brand to operate with renewable sources of energy – boosting your corporate social responsibility ethos. Reducing carbon emissions is a global incentive that we will continue to grow and advertise here at EMC.

2. Reduced Maintenance

Electric vehicle maintenance is less of a hassle than a petrol choice. Operational cost to a standard resort vehicle over an electric resort vehicle can end up being more time consuming and more a headache to deal with. The consideration of this is a great one, as when a vehicle is out action on site, it can turn into a nightmare. This could include increased wait times for guests to arrive at their final destination on site, increased foot path traffic across your site, cause accidents and noise affecting existing customers/patients.

We are not saying that an electric resort vehicle is overall maintenance free! That is compared to an internal combustion engine – they have less components, meaning less can go wrong overall. Mechanisms such as radiators and exhausts don’t play a part in an electric vehicle. This will give the operator peace of mind with the less maintenance involved.

The most important thing that you need to maintain on your EMC Electric Resort Vehicle is the batteries. This will be explained when you first enquire or purchase an Electric Vehicle. Though many now a long life, it is important to consistently top up the water in your battery system if you are choosing to opt for a single point watering system for example. If you have read our articles before you will know that battery care is something that is of paramount importance to us! This is easily solved by utilising the EMC user manual and regular 6 and 12 month servicing intervals which are conducted by our friendly third party servicer MLA Holdings Pty Ltd.

EMC Resort Vehicle
EMC Resort Vehicle

3. Enhanced Safety

Due to the ease of operation when using an electric vehicle, less accidents occur. No more spilt petrol, failed engine starts or uneven speeds. An Electric choice is a safer choice. There is less of a risk when it comes to fire, as they do not use flammable gas. Their durability is something to note. Our EMC Resort vehicle is a sturdy vehicle, so should encounter bumpy surfaces or collide with another vehicle – it’s got this!!!

4. Improved Health

The high level of capacity that these EMC Resort Vehicles experience means that they become a significant part of your day to day operations as a commercial entity. If you are to choose a gas powered vehicle, this pollutes the air which can lead to health difficulties. Operating in a clean air environment means less carbon, cleaner lungs and a happier ozone!

5. Cost Effective

The beauty of purchasing an Electric Vehicle for this type of function is that it does not run up the initial cost of a PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle). Let alone the lower running costs of the thing! By constantly refuelling, it can fell that if you have a gas powered resort vehicle – you are constantly pouring money into it week in and week out. Which you are. The batteries that we supply with your EMC Resort Vehicle are built in the cost of the vehicle if you would like a single point system, or a reasonable additional price to add your custom chosen battery (see below). This combined with the lesser maintenance costs, it provides a low cost solution long term to choose this electric vehicle option.

Extra Customisation for your Business

  • Custom Colours – all vehicles are available in either black, white, silver, champagne, green or blue. We also have our newer custom range which features electric blue and pearl white. With the colour of the vehicle, it can depend on the current stock we have. In our experience, white tends to be the most popular colour for commercial and business applications. However consider what colours you have in your business and if they would integrate well with your company image.

  • Custom Branding – The importance of having brand visibility is not a though lost on us here at EMC. We understand that you want your brand to be out there in your facility as much as possible. Just simply provide your logo with us and we can put on your EMC Resort vehicle. Placement of the logo is usually suggested on the front and the rear of the vehicle is the best option for maximum visibility.

  • Custom Tyres – What type of terrain does your business situate itself in? At EMC we stock a reliable Kenda tyre across the MY20 Vantage Range. They are great one most terrains – but should you find you need a road tyre for your facility as they have groomed paths and roads within the complex, this might be a better option. We have a range of different tyres to suit your requirements just enquire with our sales tem to find out more.

  • Custom Battery Choices – As a standard, we proved the best in single point watering systems in the US 2000 Brand from R & J batteries. However we can provide you with a different option if you would like you to explore newer technologies such a lithium and Full river batteries.

EMC Resort Vehicle
EMC Resort Vehicle

Let’s take a Minute to Talk about Full River Batteries

At EMC we offer the Full River Deep-cycle AGM batteries as a battery option for your vehicle. These are ideal for a sealed battery setup – for example an EMC Resort Vehicle. The deep discharge function and high density properties allow for multiple recharging, with lower maintenance involved. If you are after a safe, reliable, low maintenance long life battery – the full river option is the choice for you. Click here

EMC Resort Vehicle
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Hire Your EMC Vehicle

As always we offer our Hire services for any vehicle you require. If you are still unsure about the level of capacity you need for your business and want to test different levels of the resort vehicle do not hesitate to ask. For example if you are unsure of seating arrangements or want to consider utility tray options with your EMC Resort Vehicle, discover your options via our contact form.

Our New Service Partner MLA!

When referencing our service and importance of battery care, we are proud to provide the best service possible with our Partner MLA Holdings Pty Ltd. They are there for all your servicing needs. From an initial point of contact EMC with facilitate the set up with your vehicle with MLA, and from then you will directly be able to contact them and communicate any issues that should arise with your vehicle. As always we recommend regular servicing to protect your vehicle and your warranty.

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

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