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Due to the Rise of Electric Vehicles, a lot of different industries have been aware for a while now of the advantages of choosing an electric vehicles in their businesses. Electric fleets and vehicles currently sit at 0.06% globally, so how can it grow, and what factors and industries are most effected?  

It must be imagined that golf carts are the most popular thing to think of when describing a small electric vehicle. However at EMC we offer a range of industrial style utility vehicles. The industrial industry is getting serious these days with the way they operate their vehicles. Electric it seems, is the way to go for many of our customers such as Ikea, Parliament House and Woolworths. With a lot of them using the MA Forza’s as their go to, a heavy duty and efficient vehicle well suited for the busy commercial environment. The Panther Range on the other hand are the ones to choose for a customisable solution to waste management solutions for example, a larger scale tourist attraction where reliability is a must. Something that is exciting here at EMC is our recent partnership with Dulevo International.          

Our Partnership with Dulevo Sweepers

The great news is now we have a world class brand working with us to deliver the best quality for your business when it comes to commercial electric vehicles. EMC is the exclusive Australian distributor for Dulevo International. Offering solutions for mining, municipalities, industry and infrastructure.

“Superior Sweeper Solutions for all Applications”

Dulevo as a company makes a conscious effort to keep an eye on the future in areas such as innovation, quality control and the environment, values that align with us here at EMC. The reason Dulevo International remains at the top of its game is because of it’s the continuous effort of research and development to keep consistently improving on their values of environmentalism and providing a high quality product. Another thing that is also great about this company, is their ability to customise their product to suit the needs of whatever you are trying to achieve in your usage of the vehicle.

Case Study: Electric Trucks

Electric is now becoming the chosen alternative for many commercial applications. With large investments being made, the viability of factors including weight, technology, cost and infrastructure readiness are all a concern in the overall willingness to commit for a lot of big companies. With weight, the more weight on the trucks, the more energy and power being used. The factors of technology and cost follow onto each other and since technology is a primary factor that is involved in the electric vehicle industry, it will only add onto the cost to end users. In the long run, the more people that adopt to the switch to electric, naturally the cost will go down. However research has shown that there are three main drivers for the trend to increase; 

Check out our own range of electric utility trucks seen above is our EMC Panther Waste Disposal Truck, ideal for large commercial sites where volume is required. 

1. Cost parity with fuel:

E Truck segments are expected to reach cost parity with diesel by 2025 – The report conducted by Mckinsey ‘Energy Insights’  has stated that electricity consumption, battery costs and power density being continuously improved will encourage adoption of BCEV’s. Most importantly the fuel price differentiation between diesel and electric within the next 10 years given these improvements are met.

2. Electrification readiness:

We have talked about the lack of infrastructure before concerning charging portals in particular. The report has stated that many early adopters will have their own charging portals in house for their e-trucks, therefore public infrastructure will not be their reliant in the short term. Though when the popularity increases, the need for a compulsory system in place will be a main priority.

3. Regulation perspective:

As the rise in interest in commercial fleets in business, cost parity is not one of the only factors to increase the trend of electric trucks. The Paris Agreement is one example of how the world is trying to get on board of cutting down our carbon footprint. By inducting e-trucks within commercial fleets is one way to do so. So the change up of regulation concerning cutting carbon emissions, including the tightened targets and higher pressure for governments and businesses alike. By 2040, fossil-fuel vehicles are planned to ban.

The Main Concerns...

From above, it is clear that the potentials for eTrucks fleets are a real possibility, though the concerns remain about two very important factors, Infrastructure and the new founded problem of grid support. The speed of charging and the practicality of battery charging will work if the charging infrastructure problem is solved. More so, if the wave of electric vehicles becomes a staple method in our society concerning commercial applications, does our power grid in Australia have the capacity to keep up?


Research from the study conducted by Mckinsey has stated that eTrucks could account for 15% of global truck sales by 2030. The operating costs of a BCEV’s compared to using diesel as a fuel source makes commercial trucks far less expensive to operate. In turn, making them more energy efficient. Don’t forget the make-up of the vehicle being entirely different to a standard diesel engine. The beauty of the electric designs is that they are simple. This should reduce maintenance and servicing overall.

Equally, as the electric vehicle industry continues to grow and expand into commercial applications we can see here, battery technology in particular will be a primary issue in terms of research and development. When you consider that larger vehicles are going to be on the roads more frequently; for example a freight truck will need to withstand longer journeys, the battery capabilities need to be up to scratch to fulfil commercial requirements.

In the End…

The dream of all electric is becoming a plausible future for many, not just for the golf user, but on an industrial scale as we can see here. With our partnership with Dulevo for example, and other partners within the industrial industry. As the research and development continues to get more investment into the electric vehicle business, who knows what the future can bring to us.

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