Are you in the market for a new Electric Golf cart? Whether your looking for a new Electric Utility Golf Cart, Electric Resort Golf Cart, Electric Golf Cart or an Electric House Keeping Golf Cart , the new Vantage range of Electric golf carts brings an ultra modern look while still being affordable.

Why Choose the EMC Vantage Golf Cart Range?

The new and improved MY20 Vantage range is here and it’s jam-packed with features to suit multiple needs for your personal requirements and the essentials for your business.

From effective people movers, utility carriers and closed cabin options, EMC have the right options for you when it comes to the MY20 Vantage Range.

What’s more is that we deliver nationwide, so if you are in Far North Queensland or Western Australia, we can make the possibility of owning your own electric vehicle a reality.

Combined with the competitive pricing that we offer without comprising quality, the assurance of lasting vehicle is a there.
This high performance range doesn’t rely on functionality alone, but provides a sense of style, with curved features and modern applications externally and internally with upgrades on battery systems and windscreens available.

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

Standard Features Across the MY20 Vantage Range Include:

  • Powerful AC 5KW Electric Motor

  • Handbrake Assist

  • Custom Branding available – which is great for bigger establishments such as Hotels, Resorts and Universities

  • Conditional Registration ready

  • Lead Acid Batteries as a standard from our reliable Australian supplier R & J Batteries. This is a US Battery brand that provides the highest total energy of the battery’s lifetime thanks to diamond plate technology.

  • Lithium battery Upgrades available from our suppler Lithium Battery Systems, a keen Australian owned company that have developed the latest and greatest when it comes to lithium technology.

  • Full River battery upgrades available – from our exclusive supplier R & J, Full River can be used across the MY20 Vantage range. The deep cycle range offers a gel component, which allow for little to no maintenance, most ideal for utility applications.

  • 10 Inch Alloy Wheels and Kenda tyres

  • 4 cup holders – golf day is complete with a drink to keep you hydrated all day long on the golf course.

  • Glass windscreen and wiper upgrade is available

  • 12V Outlet for your accessories and devices if you need it.

  • LED High low beam headlights, tail lights, blinkers, horn and reversing alarms

  • 3 Year Warranty available

Lets Take A Look...

Vantage Closed Cabin Range

2 Seat Utility Closed Cabin – From $16,500

4 Seat Mover Closed Cabin – From $16,500

2 Seat Mover Closed Cabin – From $15,500

Why Choose the Closed Cabin option?

With the obvious advantage of closed cabin, it keeps your cargo loads dry and more secure with a lockable function on the cabin. With a 4 seater, it allows for more passengers/or workers to travel to and from sites.

The design of the cabin is compact yet highly functional, with a great deal of space inside each cabin configuration. In terms of the utility tray, it has a rear fold down function with allows for flexibility for your work day. With the additional of the tray, it allows for extra space without sacrificing space in the cabin.

A closed cabin would best suit establishments such as Zoos or other outdoor facilities such as this.

Utility Range

2 Seat Short Tray Utility – From $13,990

2 Seat Long Tray Ute – From $14,990

4 Seat People Mover/Utility – From $14,990

The Utility Point of Difference

The utility range is great for maintenance for commercial sites. Like the closed cabin, with 4 seat as well as 2 seat options it allows for more workers and passengers to travel around resorts and worksites. In terms of usage, the utility range can be used in many different sites such as shopping centres, stadiums, schools, resorts, hotels and universities. The utility capacity helps achieve maximum capacity in your work day, giving you an efficient way of going about your business on a daily basis.

People Mover Range

2 Seat People Mover – From $13,990

4 Seat People Mover – From $13,990

4 Seat People Mover with Forward Facing seat – From $14,990

Why the People Mover?

With even the 2 Seat offering rear storage for bags and luggage the MY20 Vantage people mover selection is your hospitality solution.  If you’re looking for flexibility in your people mover the 4 seat people mover offers rear seat folding into a cargo deck. The 4 Seat forward facing offers a rear storage area for bags and luggage, leaving you able to carry a family altogether in style and comfort to their resort location.

What Else is Possible with the MY20 Vantage Range?

As we have seen in previous articles such as Customising Your EMC vehicle, customisation is what EMC are known for. If you have specific need for your vehicle and are unsure if it is possible, know that you always ask and we do our best to suit your requirements. Customisation and additional options for the MY20 Vantage Range include; steel trays instead of aluminium, beacons, tow bars and seat belts.

EMC Resort Vehicle

Service Contracts Available

We understand the importance of the upkeep of your vehicle and we want it to last as long as possible. Service at EMC is an integral part of what makes up our company ethos, customer care and producing quality vehicles. With recent improvements to the way we are doing our servicing, with a more streamlined process in booking and customer care, service contracts shouldn’t go un thought with the purchase of your EMC vehicle.

To find out more about our process of service click here for more

Hire Contracts Available

If you are unsure what to purchase, hire is definitely an option. This way you can choose a vehicle that you think suits you and if you find that you need a different option, it can be tailored to your needs during your contract. Prices do vary and depend on which vehicle you choose to find out more follow this link.

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