The Top 5 Golf Cart Accessories
You Must Have

You’ve just purchased your golf cart, but it’s missing a few items to really jazz it up and make it more functional. Whether, it be a need or a want, with over $1 Million Dollars in golf parts and accessories here at EMC Electric Vehicles on offer, we got you covered.

Let’s narrow it down to the essentials here and go through the top five must haves for your golf cart.

We will also show you a sneak peek as to what’s happening across the waters for the accessory basics with what’s new and fun!

The Top Five

1. Coolers and Warmers

We all love to have a cold beverage on a warm day on the golf course, so this is an essential item to have. At EMC we provide the Engel brand cooler and warmer. It provides great durability as well as delivering an all-round quality product. It’s not just for drinks, you can set it up to be your go to picnic basket for a proper day out on the course with your friends and family. Its fits conveniently in the back of any of the golf carts that we have available, as well as other brands that you may be using.

2. Mirrors

Given that you are driving, mirrors are really an important item on a safety level. To have the option of added mirrors is always a good idea, especially if you are extending the use of your golf cart to side streets and such, not just on the golf course. Side mirrors, rear view mirrors, the range is here at EMC to cover the mirrors that suit your preferences. In particular, the Rear View Mirror with 5 panels gives you full coverage of your surroundings to ensure safety of you and your passengers. This product also covers any golf cart make. 

3. Covers: Seat and Car

These are one of the most practical accessories you can have and believe us, you won’t regret it! Covers are easy to install and help maintain the sleek look you want. The covers we use are heavy duty and durable – as well as looking good. So that tar pooling look you have in your mind, rest assured it’s not like that! It is recommended that you should get both cover types, however the car cover is preferable for a storage side of things, to keep your golf cart in shape. This will reduce the weathered look it could incur if you didn’t have one.

4. Cup holders

Well we’ve talked coolers – now where are you going to put your drinks? Cup holders are the answer! The types we offer are to any suit any golf cart make and model. Offered in different colours black matt and woodgrain, they can adapt to your style of vehicle as well. Recently, we have added a new range of accessories that extends this category and provides more comfort for your drive. The padded arm rest that includes a cup holder can add that little bit extra to your golf cart experience. We offer it in a black, buff (beige) and an oyster colour.  

5. Seat belts

Safety first! Seatbelts are now considered a standard accessory to have. It reduces the risk of injury, especially if you are considering letting children come with you on day out on the golf course. It can give you that peace of mind. Yes – they are not compulsory, given that you need to frequently exit the vehicle, but any added safety can’t hurt. With the potential eventuality of golf cart vehicles being used in other areas, such as side streets and lower pedestrian areas, seatbelts are a safety must have.  

So there are some few ideas to get you started on the must haves, though we know everyone is different, so the range is available for you to browse and choose to your liking.

Across the Waters…

If we take a look at America, the golf industry is dominate player. A recent industry report has stated that 23.8 Million golf participant’s where on the courses in 2017 alone. So as you can imagine the accessories are always pretty cool and up to date.

Here are three accessories that are the latest trending in the industry in America.

  • Cigar Holders

Unfortunately, we don’t have this luxury in Australia considering that we have adopted a smoke free policy back in 2012. However the option in America has it introducing the latest, Perfecto Cigar Holder. It can also act as an ash tray and with a portable option, so even if you do not own a golf cart and renting is your only option, the cigar holder comes with a clip to attach on and off. If your cigar a smoker, and planning a U.S Golf trip, this gadget could be for you!

  • Sounds Systems

You can’t deny listening to your favourite tunes with doing one of your favourite hobbies is a winning combination! Check out this Speaker Sound System! It is one of the latest sound systems on the market and can apply itself to golf carts. With Bluetooth connectivity and water resistance, the functionality and practicality helps you enjoy your golf cart experience even more. Due to its universal capabilities, we Australian golfers can also purchase such an item!

  • The Flagpole

Well isn’t this patriotic? You can purchase these on Ebay easily so Australian buyers don’t fear – you can be part of it! These poles easily attach to the side of the golf cart on any number of angles. They are handy on a safety level for disabled golfers also, with flags available in this manner, making their experience less worrying, giving that signal to other golfers on the course.

As you can see, our American friends know how to keep it interesting, and from the few trending items, the Australian market is also covered!

We hope you’ve found this article useful for covering your accessory needs!

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