Battery Choices at EMC

In our previous articles such as Batteries Matter and Lithium Battery Systems, it is in our nature at EMC to care about batteries for our vehicles. Battery choices at EMC are important. Whether its a battery for your golf cart or utility vehicle, it is important to get the right cart battery to suit your needs.

Battery care, can affect the longevity of your Electric Vehicle. So servicing it regularly is highly important.

Traditionally we are still stocking the trusty Trojan Deep Cycle Lead Acid because of their well-known capabilities and their reliability.

However one of our trusted suppliers R & J has been supplying us with some great US Batteries – also a Deep Cycle Lead Acid. This has since taken Lead Acid to the next level!!

At EMC we proudly stock and provide U.S Batteries such as the US Battery 2200. This gives you the user, the best option of quality and latest technology – for your Golf Cart Batteries or whatever vehicle configuration you have!

Before we dive into what U.S Batteries we have at EMC – Let’s take a minute to talk about R & J – one of trusted suppliers:

Battery Choices at EMC

Concerning battery choices; with the philosophy of delivering the best products and service it can offer, R & J since 1996 have kept that philosophy since. They are continuing to grow with 20 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Their point of difference is really about the people that work for R & J. The people at R & J know their stuff, and are the battery industry experts – most of them being specialists in the field before coming along to R & J.

EMC know first-hand that if you have question, they endeavour to do whatever they can to make sure you have everything you need- which has made the process of having R & J on board a no brainer!

Now let’s get down the batteries…

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Battery Choices at EMC

The U.S Batteries

The latest range of Endurance Plus makes a powerful entrance in the Lead Acid Market and has some fantastic capabilities:

  • Utilizes U.S. Batteries Xtreme Capacity formulation with Diamond Plate Technology
  • Available in 6V, 8V and 12V – The US2000, US8VGC and US12VRX have been redesigned and reengineered to deliver even better performance!
  • Long Lasting charge for supreme performance!
  • Fastest Cycle up to a full rated capacity
  • Highest total energy delivered over the life of the battery

These Independent Test results have been identified by a golf cart battery industry expert. In which batteries were taken directly from a store shelf and put into a 6V Golf Cart to see which brand performed the best. The brand Trojan or U.S Battery were put to test without any knowledge of the blind testing. Upon the testing these following results were found:

  • US 2000 XC2 – Highest initial
  • US 2000 XC2 – Fastest cycle up to full rated
  • US 2000 XC2 – Exceeds rated

US 2000 XC2 – Highest total energy delivered over a longer cycle life.

See the Graph Below

Battery Choices at EMC

Upon these findings the statement was made from U.S Battery:

“XC Diamond Plate Technology has proven itself as the first real improvement in deep cycle batteries since its inception and in 2011, US Batteries took the next step up to bring you Xtreme Capacity 2 (XC2). One look at the 20 Hour Rate is evidence of the performance advantage of the improved U.S. Battery formulation”

Battery Choices at EMC

Testing was thorough and included a full recharge at full rates, which can be seen above. The results speak for themselves, with the U.S Brand US2000 XC2 outperforming the Trojan T105.

Battery Choices at EMC

So what is U.S Batteries Xtreme Capacity Diamond Plate Technology?

R and J and U.S Battery really know their stuff, and are happy to share as much information as possible when it comes to their products. This is why partnerships with companies such as R & J are important to us at EMC as we value knowledge and innovation and want to provide the latest and greatest when it comes to product choices.

Here are some key factors to understand what all the fuss is about:


There is a science to it. Basically an additive paste mix leads to a lead acid dioxide being formed. The additive has allowed a higher conversion efficiency giving higher capacity, in an initial sense and giving the battery a higher peak capacity.

Increased Energy Density:

Due to increased capacity, it evolves into improved energy density (watt-hours/litre) and specific energy (watt-hours/kilogram).


The streamlined processes of the crystal structure that the diamond plate technology gives out it allows for enhanced recharge-ability at low temperatures. It’s is a safer way to charge, and increases the batteries longevity, due to the process less intense when charging.

Life Cycle:

From the recharge and capacity components we can see that this will ultimately extend the batteries life. The strong crystal network that the diamond plate technology helps decrease the shedding from deep cycling – which is a primary failure mode in deep cycle batteries.

Applications of the U.S 2000: EMC Ready!

At EMC, being all Electric means stable golf cart batteries only for our product range of batteries. U.S Battery gives all the great advantages are most suitable for all types of vehicles we have on offer at EMC:

  • Golf Carts; such as our newest range of MY20 Vantage Golf Carts!
  • Utility Vehicles; like our EMC Elite Short Wheel Base and Long Wheel Base Utes.
  • People Movers; This can be from our Housekeeping Units, to our Resort Style vehicles, suitable for Parks, Recreational facilities and Holiday resorts.
  • Buses; The EMC Endeavour range great for the bigger recreational sites such as Zoos and island touring
  • Industrial Sweepers; Our Dulevo Sweeper range can carry these U.S 2000’s if you require them.

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