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Auto Park Assist.Keep the backswing motion for that next Shot

The new intelligent Vantage Golf auto park assist features the newest technology in auto park assist technology . No more bending over to pull a hand brake or playing Russian roulette with a push brake , Auto park assist will automatically put the vehicle into park once stopped & will automatically un-park once your ready to chase down that next shot. Hopefully a hole in one.

The Bottle Battle Is Now Over.

Introducing the new Vantage Golf, featuring Industry First Technology, Premium design, space and comfort, it brings comfort and safety to your next golf day. Space at last, even for your golf balls

Golfers we have listened & delivered

When playing golf we understand the last thing you want to be worrying about is if your Golfcart is charged enough for the full 18 holes. As standard all Vantage golf carts come with easy view monitoring system, mounted to the front of you steering wheel.Keep your mind on your swing and not on your golf cart

Vantage is leading the way, one golf player at a time.Test drive today.

The new Champion of the Golf Carts is here.

Your Choice Of Three Models. Delivered Nationwide

2020 Guide To Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia


The all new Vantage, you're in safe hands.

Robust Aluminium Alloy Chassis

High resistance to Corrosion compared to steel chassis used by competitors. Lightweight, Robust & commonly used in the Automotive industry.

Safety As Standard

Don't pay extra for a saftey upsell from other brands. The all new vantage comes standard with Seat belts, brake lights, head lights, day lights, horn, reverse beeper, side mirrors & Auto park assist. Your satefy is our priority.

The Best Golf Cart Technology From USA & Europe.

Maintenance free powerful AC motors combined with Zapi Controllers "Italy" & Delta Q Chargers from Canada. Reliable & up-to date technology in every Vantage.

The Exterior And Interior Touches.

Space for two

Built for space & comfort. Four Cup holders, 8 golf ball holders and plenty of front & rear space. designed by golfers for golfers.

All kinds of different

The Vantage is a standout which ever angle you’re viewing it. Featuring a luxurious and sporty front grille, it will be hard for head’s not to turn with its confident and sporty looks.

Prominent Grille & Day Lights

a wide grill complemented by stylish headlights with sporty daytime running lights. You can have now the best looking golfcart on the course.

Powerful AC Electric Motor, Our Fastest Golf Cart Yet


Play your best with Garmin

Garmin GPS mapping & Garmin range finder as standard on Paramount edition. 

Charging on the go, duel usb ports and duel 12v outlets.

The all new Vantage has been designed to provide you with the freedom to charge multiple devices on the go.

Recharge your batteries when braking, extend your game.

The all new Vantage features re-gen braking as standard, putting power back into your batteries.

Garmin Mapping & Range Finder

Standard On Paramount Edition

Ask Us About Our Lithium Batteries

Golfcart-leading performance

Powerful Electric Ac motor

When performance is required look no further than the AC Electric motor, packed with power & torque this Electric Motor will get you where you need to be faster than conventional DC Motors. AC have a higher RPM and can easily handle handle higher speeds being brushless and sealed means a longer life for your motor. AC is Superior to DC motors.

Front independent suspension

Whether cruising down the fairway or trying to get out of the rough the Vantage front independent suspension system will allow you to conquer the terrain.Front Independent Suspension and rear taper leaf spring + cylinder hydraulic shock-absorber, leads the way in comfort.

4 wheel hydraulic drum brake

Heavy duty 4 wheel Hydraulic braking system ensures smoother braking when required. Don’t settle for standard mechanical braking systems.

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