MA Electric Vehicle Tug Options at EMC

The official Electric Vehicle Tug you need. This Australian Made MA13 Range formed by EMC and Varley Group, or electric vehicle tug as it is commonly known is perfect for airports, warehousing, stock fill, stock picking and carrying heavy loads efficiently.

With the MA12 redesign happening this year, as a result we are excited to share what our MA13 electric vehicle tug range can do. You would be surprised what options are available and how this vehicle can be used in your business.

Key Applications Across all MA13 Configurations

  • Great for heavy cargo towing in any warehouse
  • Ideal for stock picking and stock refill for supermarket cargo solutions
  • Great for carrying heavy storage
  • Airports
  • Mining
  • Great for material handling
  • Suitable heavy industrial setting as well as commercial
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Key Capacities Across all MA13 Configurations

  • Seating – up to 2 people
  • 490kg weight including batteries
  • Towing Capacity up to 4000kg
  • Rear Cargo Load Capacity – up to 1000kg

Key Features

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Other MA Electric Vehicle Tug Configurations to Suit Your Business Effectively

You have the standard MA13 tug, which get you to new heights in your commercial or industrial setting.

However we have experience in customizing our MA13’s to suit your needs appropriately.

Our MA13 with Trailer

If you need further capabilities – and have a larger site, you can extend your MA13 with a trailer.

Fitting pallet size goods on the back, giving you increased capability in one working shift. The versatility of this unit is unmatched, load wet and dry goods in the same load, making stock refilling faster and more efficient.

electric vehicle tug

The MA13 Electric Vehicle Tug is Multi-Functional

Refill stock and take out the trash. As you can see, the MA13 adds value whatever the situation.

There are separate compartments in this configurations. To clarify you can simultaneously do two different tasks in the same load.

With safety features, including reflectors and beacons, you can work around the area effectively.

5 Key Advantages of Using the MA Type of Electric Vehicle

1. They Reduce Fuel & Maintenance Costs

If you compare fuel cost and electricity costs overall, electric tows such as the MA13 range requires less maintenance and running costs over time.

An electric MA 13 does not require the services and repair costs that are common for diesel or petrol tow tug maintenance. These services and repair issues include:

  • Oil changes
  • Air filter changes
  • Universal joint maintenance

But keep in mind while electric tow tugs require less maintenance, it can sometimes be difficult to find replacement parts when maintenance is required.

Diesel and petrol MA13 tug vehicle types, on the other hand, can be easier to fix because their engines are more common from a parts availability perspective.

However being part of Varley Group has many advantages, as we design, build and manufacture these parts ourselves, we are able to provide the capability and accessibility of these parts and pass it onto you.

2. Corporate Sustainable Responsibility in the Workplace

Sustainability efforts and zero tailpipe emission is a frequent cry from us EMC, after all we are an electric vehicle company. Considering an MA13 for your electric fleet is a great start to keep emissions down in your business operations. Sustainability culture within business is a top priority for many corporations within Australia and around the world, so it’s good to stay on top of any existing solutions in the marketplace.

An MA13 gives off zero emissions. Keep in mind this is not just about keeping pollution a minimum for environmental and business costs. It is about the health and safety of your workers that will be using the vehicles day to day. The reduction of any kind of harmful pollutant to protect your workers is plus.

3. Its Makes Your Employees Happier and Healthier

To extend on the sustainability point mentioned above, the health and safety of your workers shouldn’t be underestimated.

Improving these factors can benefit the workers mental health as well as physical health.

Choosing an electric tug or vehicle option for your needs over a diesel or petrol filled one is more than reducing carbon emissions. Evidence has shown from National Geographic  that the effects of noise pollution can be devastating.

This invisible danger can cause noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Other risks include high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disturbances and stress.

The electric MA13 however, works silently and cleanly, reducing employees’ stress and improving their overall health. With this holistic choice, the long term benefits of choosing an electric choice over a diesel are endless.

4. MA Vehicles Improve Manoeuvrability and Mobility

With the MA13’s a key advantage is their fantastic maneuverability and overall mobility. Due to the fact that these vehicles are emission free, they have the ability to go anywhere on your site. The compactness of the vehicle and uninterrupted torque, these MA 13’s can zip around anywhere! Even in tight spaces and sustain their precision in movement.

5. MA Vehicles Increase Productivity

MA’s are compact but mighty. Quickly towing heavy products and towing multiple products and goods at the same time.

MA Electric Vehicle Tugs can fit into the narrow aisles of a shopping centre floors and fit around small corners without losing traction. MA Electric Vehicle tugs can carry your products to their destinations more efficiently than other vehicle configurations. For example, like the more traditional forklifts would.

Due to the MA’s compact nature these vehicles can move around goods with little to no damage.

MA’s can deliver products with little to no damage because they are less likely to run into shelves in a warehouse or other equipment during an indoor setting or an outdoor setting.

Adding to the MA’s maneuverability alongside productivity, this maximized efficiency combination provides an element of safety.

Due to the nature of the MA, unlike a forklift it has less hazards. Its compact and functional nature leads to less accidents and potential hazards in a working shift.

The Shopping Centre Sanitising and Stock Refill Solutions… With Our MA13 Options.

Combine Combating viruses like COVID-19 and Increased Capability with the MA13 options!

These MA Electric Vehicle Tugs have brought a new meaning to warehousing. Traditionally an airport designed use, why not consider one these for your supermarket, warehouse, or shopping centre floor?

This Australian Made MA13 Multipurpose Unit, or electric vehicle tug as it is commonly known is perfect for stock fill. We are currently in a time where replenishing stock is a priority for large supermarkets.

The MA13 can work effectively inside a supermarket or out a loading dock for increased efficiency. This 100% Electric is designed to work for a large warehouse with easy to use functions, making unloading and unloading simple.

With supermarkets and shopping centres being our primary go to with shopping lately, it is important that they remain functional and clean during this time and in the future. With the road out and into the recovery stage, these activities and procedures are fast becoming a reality of a new norm that we in Australia are facing.

Recently there has been talk in Canada about the call out for all cleaning contractors for example to be certified, as you would for an electrician for example. This extraordinary measure shows that the cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting is so important in everywhere we operate, whether it be high traffic or low traffic.

The new normal post Covid-19 could look very different with cleaning procedures becoming vastly altered. Australia needs be prepared for new improved standards and procedures. Incorporating efficient movement with effective cleaning is the way forward for many commercial entities such as shopping centres, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and warehousing.

electric vehicle tug

For example in terms of supermarkets, we have to think about restocking shelves and disinfecting simultaneously with ease, minimising touch-points with customers and team members to increase efficiency. This can be done effectively with the MA13 Electric Vehicle Tug option.

Have peace of mind with the use of the MA13. With increased mandatory safety requirements from the Australian Government due to COVID-19, thanks to the use of the MA13, you will manoeuvre around internal areas of your supermarket easily. Through the isles without risking the health of your workers.

With the additional advantage of zero tail pipe emissions! Making this option effective within the supermarket, warehouse and the outside area of your operation.

The Rapid Spray Advantage

Have you seen the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Range? If you have you’ll know that we are joining forces with Australian companies such as Rapid Spray. A leading Australian spray disinfectant company to help stop the spread of Covid-19. Forward thinking into the future, EMC want to ensure that we will continue to work with companies like Rapid Spray, which are Australian Owned and Quality Assured.

Preview our article about Rapid Spray Below;

“In conjunction with the EMC, and The Micro Cleansing Vehicle range, the Rapid Spray accessories work in with the vehicle together. In utilizing the Rapid Spray products in this well-organized manner help keep to public areas clean, in internal areas and external areas. This can range from areas such as your local council area and high traffic areas internally such as shopping centres and hospitals.

By using the rapid spray disinfectant sprayers in a frequent routine and by being transported by the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle, this electric disinfectant vehicle it will assist in stopping the spread of COVID-19 effectively and efficiently. To create a routine of cleaning within a business environment or a strata complex for example will help the swift sanitising needed to stop the spread of the virus.”

Learn More

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Rapid Spray

Bonus: You Can Stock Refill with the EMC EV Titan

If an MA13 Electric Vehicle Tug configurations doesn’t suit you, you may want to consider our EV Titan as an option. Compact and Capable.

We are proud of our Titan. This is a perfect compact utility to carry goods as it has 800kg Load Capacity. This is ideal for warehousing, and great for internal and external areas. This Titan featured above is our hard door configuration, which gives it extra durability and maximum performance.

Bursting with standard features and available in laundry and utility configurations as well as acting as compact working vehicle.

electric vehicle

Quoted from our previous EV Titan Article:

“This heavy duty utility vehicle boasts Electric powering steering, heavy duty tyres with 20% Climbing ability at full load capacity. With quality finishes, the reliability is not the only thing it will be known for.

Whilst the Titan looks compact, inside the vehicle is surprisingly roomy. This allows you to move around your site safely with ease in a comfortable manner with a spacious cabin inside with plenty of leg room, with adjustable bucket style seats to suit your preference.”

Coming Soon - MA12 Redesign!

Being part of Varley Group is exciting. We have the best Australian Engineering and Manufacturing team that have made the MA Vehicles, from the beginning.

This year we are keen to give our MA12 a facelift. We know that Australian products are preferred and we produce long lasting quality. Commonly known as a tow tractor configuration, every great electric vehicle can be made even greater with new advances in engineering and technology.

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The Importance of Australia Made Moving Forward

At EMC we want to ensure that moving forward we make it a priority to revitalise the meaning of Australia Made with our products. We are doing this with our existing MA13 Electric Vehicle Tug range as well as the redesign of the MA12 and couldn’t be happier about it. As well as through this period of uncertainty we have had the pleasure of collaborating with local Australian Companies such as Rapid Spray and Formit Solutions with our EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Range. We will continue to aim to put Australia Made and Australian collaboration at the forefront of our business operations for the future.

If you would like to enquire,about your choice of MA Electric Vehicle Tug- Chat to our team at EMC HQ via our contact form...

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