The EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Range – Helping Slow The Spread

As you have seen, we at EMC have created a new range of micro cleansing vehicles that can help combat covid-19 and slow the spread of the virus.

With the elements of the efficiency of the micro cleansing vehicle itself joined with the disinfectant tools from rapid spray, we at EMC want to see not only our local areas clean, but every element of our daily lives healthy and safe.

Our lives in Australia have become a bit confined lately, but the good news is what we are doing is working! With reported statistics from the Australian Government, there are currently 3494 recovered cases. This shows that by staying at home and social distancing, this has helped flatten the curve further allowing for a slower rate of cases coming through, overall slowing the spread of covid-19. Read on below to see how versatile the EMC micro cleansing vehicle range can be.

EMC Micro Cleansing
EMC Micro Cleansing

As of the 14th April 2020, The WHO organisation has released six new guidelines for countries to adhere to before the consideration of lifting our coronavirus restrictions.

These are quoted below:

  1. Transmission of the virus is controlled.
  2. Health systems can detect every case.
  3. Outbreak risks are minimised.
  4. Preventative measures are in place.
  5. Importation risks can be managed.
  6. Communities are educated and empowered to adjust to the “new norm”.

Whilst the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Range cannot solve all six of these criteria, or the virus itself, we can certainly improve the health and safety of our community by adopting clean and safe procedures not just on our local footpaths, but in our shopping centres, hospitals and retirement villages, for example.  

Case Study - Shopping

Shopping behaviours have changed dramatically over the last two months. Not only with store closures nationally, but with social distancing rules, increased hygiene in and around or supermarket stores. A recent report from Brickfields Consulting has reported key insights of how we as the public feel and how the dynamic of shopping has changed within Australia. Here are some of the key insights below;

  • The capping of visitors into shopping centres and supermarkets has allowed overcrowding to decrease, giving shoppers decreased anxiety and concern of spreading the virus.
  • Contactless home delivery is preferred as the anxiety and fear of catching the virus at the shops and risk uneccessary exposure is an apprehension
  • Overall, research found that 73% of respondents rank the risk of contracting COVID-19 from others as a significant factor discouraging them from visiting shopping centres today.
EMC Micro Cleansing
EMC Micro Cleansing

How the EMC Micro Cleansing Range Can Help

With increased mandatory safety requirements from the Australian Government due to COVID-19, you will manoeuvre around internal areas of your shopping centre or supermarkets and through the isles without risking the health of your workers and the public. With the key insights founded above, decrease fear not just for customers but for the safety of your workers.

  • With the ease of manoeuvrability, a short wheel base option, long wheel base option or MA13 Option of the Micro Cleansing Vehicle range can suit these functional propositions.
  • Restock shelves and disinfect simultaneously with ease, minimising touch-points with customers and team members to increase efficiency.
  • PPE Storage options are available with each vehicle with options of further protective showing customers that you are practicing clean and hygienic procedures in your workplace.
  • It’s not just about cleaning and disinfection, social distancing from staff to customers must also be in place. By the use of the Micro Cleansing Vehicle, you are confined to the vehicle the majority of the time. This allows you to conduct your work in a safer manner, whilst improving efficiency in the workplace, by faster restocking and disinfecting areas.
  • With the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Range, they are all 100% Electric with zero tailpipe emissions, giving you the ability to operate inside with ease.

With the above Case Study it can be shown that at least three of the new guidelines by the WHO organisation can be adapted by the use of the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle. Transmission of the virus is controlled by minimising touchpoints, preventive measures are in place by the use of disinfectant sprayers and PPE equipment from the micro cleansing vehicle accessories and outbreak risks are therefore minimised.

View our recent article for more information on the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Range

Other Sectors Affected by COVID-19 – Retirement Villages

Slowing the spread is working due to the Australian government measures. However certain sectors of our community are at higher risk than others. Retirement villages are feeling the pressure of the virus with the category of the elderly being at the highest risk of contracting the virus. It has been stated by the health department of the Australian Government that people aged 70 and over and people aged 65 years and over with existing medical conditions are at the most risk, with currently the highest rate of fatalities.

With the factor from the WHO of adjusting to “the new norm”. Retirement villages are having to adjust their day to day routines with managing certain tasks such as cleaning and maintenance.  With prioritised grocery services from supermarkets Coles and Woolworths for the elderly, this can be integrated with the use of the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Range, as the vehicle can become a multipurpose unit with a retirement village. Here’s how:

  • Cleanse, disinfectant and maintain the retirement village area with any of the 5 key configurations available. With storage, passenger space and dual purpose functionality with storage in the back for maintenance items.
  • Use the extra-long wheel base option for larger external areas to cleanse and disinfectant
  • Use the extra storage for delivery of groceries for units in your retirement village complex, making the lives of the elderly easier and safer.

Other Sectors Affected by COVID-19 – Hospitals

Due to Covid-19 hospitals within Australia have been looking at their policies and procedures around cleansing and disinfecting the areas in and around the hospitals. With numerous new graphics being sent out with the increased and highlighted measures of personal hygiene of visitors, and what to do in terms of good hygiene. With elements of self-isolation and social distancing being a key advertised factor in helping slowing the spread of covid-19, what else can hospitals do in order to slow the spread?

We have the solution in EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle Range.

  • Short Wheel Base options can fit effectively in tight spaces, moving around the hospitals in a functional way
  • Clean and disinfect simultaneously
  • Use the storage options in the back as a dual purpose unit to carry medical equipment from floor to floor.
  • Perfect for internal use as zero tailpipe emissions
  • Rapid Spray products are PPE and hospital grade disinfectants and TGA Listed.
EMC Micro Cleansing
EMC Micro Cleansing

Other EMC vehicles suited for Hospital Include:

EMC People Movers

Move around your patients effectively will our range of people movers, with different sizes and configurations, minimise touch points for potential spread of Covid-19 and infection. Small compact options of our EMC People mover range are perfect for internal areas of hospital walkways. Zero tailpipe fumes make our people mover range perfect for internal use. 

Medical Support Vehicles

Hospital Grade Medical Support Vehicles provide assistance in the transportation of patients for urgent care. Able to weave in tight spaces, internal and external areas are covered, able to achieve quicker transportation of critical patients.

How the Rapid Spray Products Help Slow the Spread

In conjunction with deciding to choose your EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle option, take advantage of the abundance of Rapid Spray accessories now available at EMC for purchase.

As standard all 5 key configurations come with x 2 16 Litre Cleansing Backpack. This has a great electric run time of 8 hours at 75 PSI rate. We also include a 60 Litre High pressure Cleansing Unit which is electric powered pumping 8.3litres per minute with the pressure of 60 PSI.

Routine cleaning and sanitising of public and private spaces is a key element in slowing the spread and eventually stopping COVID-19 within our communities.

With the use of Rapid Spray products you will become efficient in cleaning and disinfecting your work area and local area. Here are some pointers on how to effectively use your Rapid Spray Products:

Disinfection and Cleaning

Deep cleaning it important to ensure all organic matter is off the surface of the area before you disinfect, as it may counter act disinfection. This has been proposed by the standards from the Australian government of cleaning for COVID-19 and disinfection. This will be of particular use to all of the sectors mentioned above, particular retirement villages and shopping centre, as the traffic between the internal and external areas can become quite frequent.

Spraying Disinfectant

Rapid Spray recommend a nice fine mist that covers the surface of the area without wasting the solution and leaving excess moisture. There are a number of attachments that are available that can be suited to larger areas such as walls and floors. This can be the  industrial grade compression sprayer  and the multiple nozzle boom attachment to ensure complete coverage of the area.

The 12V Jacto Backpack Sprayer from Rapid Spray

If you are operating in an area where alcohol based solutions are preferred, this is the perfect situation for using the Jacto Sprayer. The sprayer will last longer as it is more suited to detergents rather than bleach, as bleach over time can corrode the hoses and seals over time.

EMC Micro Cleansing
EMC Micro Cleansing
EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

Why Rapid Spray Products are Suitable to Slow the Spread

With a range of disinfectant sprayers available in conjunction with the EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle, this range becomes a cleansing solution for many different types of industry. With the versatility combination of the vehicle and the products we can combat covid-19 effectively.

Below are a list of Rapid Spray products, of which EMC are officially distributing nationwide:

  • Cartage Tank – UV and impact resistant
  • Back Pack Sprayers Electric – Ideal for hands on applications
  • Back Pack Sprayers Manual – Giving you more control
  • High Pressure Sprayers Electric – Lightweight and Compact
  • High Pressure Sprayers Petrol – Transport with ease and safety
  • Trailer Tank+ HP Sprayer – Maintenance Free
  • Misting Sprayers – Increase your Capability
  • Sprayer Booms – Enhance Disinfectant sprays
  • Disinfectant Chemicals – Combating the spread of COVID-19.

Find Out more about Rapid Spray here

EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle - The Electric Vehicle Point of Difference

In conjunction with combatting COVID-19, we are proud that our EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle range is also 100% Electric, as an Electric Vehicle company we would love to see the future of mobility within the electric vehicle space. So, converting your fleet of vehicle whether you are retirement village, a local council or a shopping centre giant can be beneficial in a number of ways:

  • Zero tail pipe fumes, both good for the environment and people
  • Reduce money of fuel and maintenance
  • Sustainability targets will be more attainable
  • Installation of EV charging units within your parking areas can generate and different revenue stream for your business.

Servicing Your EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

As you all are well aware now that we are servicing our vehicles through the third party MLA Holdings Pty Ltd. They have a national service network and have over 40 years’ experience within the servicing of vehicles, give you a national service hotline for all your needs, as well as preventative maintenance programs to prolong the life of your vehicle.

Payments Plans for Your EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle

We understand the toll that Covid-19 has taken not only on our health but also on our economy. EMC is now offering 0% interest on purchases with the ability to pay if off in installments from a three month to a twelve month plan.

EMC Micro Cleansing
EMC Micro Cleansing


If you are considering a vehicle and would prefer a lease, we can offer hire agreements. Fees depending on which vehicle you choose and how long you would like to hire an EMC vehicle out for.