EV Titan - The Efficient EV for Your Business!

The EV Titan and its efficiency. Now in Australia, there has been a changing demand in policies and procedures in regards to cleansing and disinfecting.

The way we work in 2020 is changing. Australian Businesses are now looking for new ways to be cleaner and more efficient. It has become more important for businesses to re-evaluate their business structures and how efficient and clean they are.

What’s cleaner and more efficient than our EV Titan?

Our EV Titan 7kw EV vehicle packs a punch with the loading capacity of 800 kilograms. The compact and capable vehicle in the EV Titan will exceed utility expectations in your commercial or industrial business.

With the electric component, the EV Titan is a great sustainable solution for your business.

The introduction of the EV Titan Article can be found here; to find out in some key points about the EV Titan.

However read on below to give you a recap and insight to the Key Features of the EV Titan;


The Standard Key Features of the EV Titan Recap

  • 7kW Motor – this powerful motor provides extra capacity in your working day.
  • Airflow technology – The EV Titan ventilation system has a built in demister with powerful airflow technology. This air filtration system product in the ventilation system is engineered to provide the economic and environmental function simultaneously.
  • By utilizing the better technology that is provided in the EV Titan it bring the advantages in such as lower maintenance and energy costs. Better filtration in the ventilation system also allows the environment of the EV Titan cabins environment to be improved as there are less hazardous contaminants coming from the system. This feature is particularly good for the conditioning of an outdoor mining site, as lots of fumes are around the site constantly.
  • On board charger – convenience at your fingertips, giving you the option of charging on the go, no need to stop and start to find a charging portal, allowing more time to get the job done. This can also reduce wear and tear on the battery, as you have the charger on board, there is no need to go around on site to a designated area that may be far away.
  • 20% Climbing Ability – Giving your extra capability on your site, allowing to go up hills and different settings around your site with ease.
  • Load Capacity 800kgs – This can allow for extra to be loaded at any one time.
  • Standard Lead acid batteries – This gives you the reliability that you can trust with a standard lead acid batteries, the most common battery to use for any electric vehicle. The US 2200 battery is the brand we use, supplied from R & J batteries.
  • Inbuilt reverse camera – helps you navigate and manoeuvre around your site with ease and comfort, provide extra stability and safety.

The Areas for Best Use of the EV Titan

  • Commercial – With any warehouse there is a lot to do. Many activities can be achieved with the EV Titan due to the nature and the make-up of the vehicle. The small, compact size gets you in and around corners easily. Using a utility configurations gives you space to on load goods and take them where they need to go.
  • Industrial – The EV Titans load capacity and climbing ability comes into play more with an industrial setting. For example a construction site or a mining site would need to have capable and reliable vehicles to suit their utility needs.

Configurations Available in the EV Titan

Here are the few configurations available;

  • Utility Version – The utility option is preferred by many as it has the tray option in back ideal for the commercial or industrial use.
  • Available in a 4 or 2 seat- This is great to have the optional extra if you need a 4 seat. If you have a larger team working on a project in one area, you can be time efficient by getting your team from A to B in no time.
  • Pantech Configurations Available – You fit a Pantech option on the EV Titan if this applies to your commercial business needs. A container trailer configuration is prefect if you are consistently going in a wet area on site, or the goods that you are using require covering up.

The Battery Choices for your EV Titan

Batteries used in the electric vehicle EV Titan are the US2200 batteries for our standard lead acid battery. This is a great option, as it is the most commonly used across our EMC range.

You can have the ability to choose your battery option if you are after something different.

Other battery options we can offer mentioned previously in the EV Titan article another option is available in the fuller gel batteries which can provide a slower discharge rate and great efficiency in temperature range giving the battery longer life. This has been a great alternative lately for our customers and enjoyed the different option.

Key Benefits of the Electric EV Titan

  • Safety – The EV Titan has an emergency stop button, which is great for any commercial situation as in warehousing there is a lot of moving traffic which can mean a lot of sudden stops. Having the stop button there is great fail safe to stop accidents from happening.The EV Titan is also conditional registration ready with a high profile beacon. If you require it for your site, it is a cost effective and a more streamlined process for the vehicle build, getting the process sorted sooner. In addition the vehicle has as standard across all configurations 3 point seat belts as well as caged cabin protection. This is great feature in a commercial or industrial setting as it provides safety move objects falling down, this can be a hazard when working in large sites, such as a mining site and warehousing facilities.
  • Sustainability – Being an electric choice over a diesel or petrol option makes it better for you and your company. In terms of health benefits to your team, there are no nasty fumes. In terms of your CSR, Australians are looking to ways to reduce their carbon footprint, choosing an electric fleet is one of the ways your company can do this.
  • The make-up of the vehicle. – The compactness of the vehicles makes it extra safe with hard doors as standard through all configuration makes the vehicle durable and robust to handle any wear and tear it comes across.
  • 800 kg loading capacity – the fact that the EV Titan can load up to 800 kilograms of weight at any one time is great for functionality and efficiency. If you choose the utility tray configuration in particular you can enjoy this benefit to its full extent. The hard tray is durable and can take all kinds of materials, so whatever you need to transport, the EV Titan can handle it.
  • Roomy interior – The EV Titan has a great roomy interior. This provides that extra comfort that your team needs to do their job well. In terms of health and safety, the health and well-being of your team members are an important part of your company ethics, so providing a safe and comfortable mode of transport and work equipment is one way you can do that with the EV Titan.

The 7kw AC Electric Motor Key Features

The AC Motor – What is it?

An AC Motor is the most used type of electric motor. It is driven by an alternating current that can be used in varying types of everyday commercial and industrial applications. Commonly used in the domestic market for other professional equipment.

AC motors can offer a comparatively effective method of producing powered energy from a simple electrical input signal.

  • Speed Control – the speed control in a 7 kW electric motor is in its design of high frequency demands
  • Torque Control – The more power in the electric motor, the more power you are going to have.
  • Position Control – can give you more efficient and dynamic control over the vehicle altogether.
  • Energy Saving – the electric motor can achieve high system efficiency whilst giving you energy consumption at the same time. Providing a cost savings and low maintenance system all in one.
Find out more about AC Motors here

Key Advantages of an Electric Motor

  • Low Maintenance – electric motors have fewer part than internal combustion engines. You do not need to do certain activities, like changing the oil, fuel filters or spark plugs, as electric vehicle motors do not require them.
  • Sustainable – As mentioned above the overall advantage of the EV Titan and its electric motor component is the fact that this method of transport is more sustainable than internal combustion engines.
  • Cost Efficient – Due to the factors of the reduced maintenance costs and energy savings elements of an electric vehicle motor, an electric motor over time ends up costing you less.

The EV Electric Motor Braking System

Considering that electric vehicle motors have few parts and require less maintenance. There is one thing to keep in mind when running an electric motor. They require brake fluid and need to be serviced regularly. In an electric vehicle, they have regenerative braking capabilities. This means that the kinetic energy from the electric vehicle is transferred to the charging of the electric vehicle’s battery.

In general, the braking system in electric vehicles tend to last longer, because the electric motor component is gentler on the brake pads. This means the brake system may need to be changed at some point in the electric vehicles lifecycle.

In terms of electric vehicles; to prevent wear and tear on the electric motor and to consistently provide a fluid check with the regenerative braking system, regular servicing is needed on an electric vehicle.

At EMC work with MLA Holdings Pty Ltd which provide great servicing options for you and your EV Titan.

It is EMC recommended upon purchasing any electric vehicle with us that you get a service regularly which can be arranged through our third party MLA Holdings.

Post Covid 19 Planning For Your Business

At EMC and most companies across Australia we are all feeling the aftershock of Covid -19 presently. We have to charge forward with new ways to think, with new policies and procedures to put in place concerning cleansing, disinfecting and efficiency in the workplace. Our structures in our organisations will become different with factors such as; more of the workforce working from home and wanting flexibility in their lives.

Adding to the efficiency and cleansing factors, EMC can now offer payment plans for your business too!

Choosing the EV Titan is a great way to become more efficient. In cost and time saving elements for your commercial and industrial site. During this time it has been important to focus on working with local Australian suppliers to help each other during this time and post Covid-19.  To that end that we have a great range of disinfectant and cleansing tools to add to your vehicle should you need them.

About Rapid Spray Products

EMC have joined forces with Rapid Spray in the Covid-19 response, an Australian Central Coast company in New South Wales that have had extensive experience in the disinfectant industry. The impact that Covid-19 has had for many businesses has been unprecedented. However with using disinfectant products from Rapid Spray in conjunction with your EV Titan you can provide clean, disinfecting efficient solutions for your commercial or industrial workplace. The Australian company Rapdi Spray has been around for over 25 years and (they) still prove that ‘The Proof is in their Performance.’

See below a snippet taken from our previous article ‘Rapid Spray at EMC’ also explaining the benefits of our Micro Cleansing Range.

“Their belief in innovation and design has allowed Rapid Spray to stay relevant within the manufacturing and agricultural sector for years. When we at EMC were planning the make-up of our new EMC Micro Cleansing Vehicle to help assist in combating the virus COVID-19, we couldn’t think of a better company to help us in making the best cleansing vehicle possible – elevating it to an electric disinfection vehicle in essence!”


We are excited to share the love of our EV Titan with you and many other products we have available. We are looking forward to growing the Australian supplier network and want you feel the benefits of such products like the EV Titan to maximise efficiency in your site. With payment plans and the many advantages of the EV Titan, what have you got to lose?