The EV Titan - The Electric Vehicle Revolution

With the demand for bigger and better – with more power – EMC Electric Vehicles have listened! The new EMC EV Titan is where it’s at – with a 7Kw AC Electric Motor and load limit of 800 Kilograms – this new EV Titan is your next purchase if you’re a commercial warehouse or needing that extra power moving around your site!

This heavy duty utility vehicle boasts Electric powering steering, heavy duty tyres with 20% Climbing ability at full load capacity. With quality finishes, the reliability is not the only thing it will be known for. Whilst the Titan looks compact, inside the vehicle is surprisingly roomy. This allows you to move around your site safely with ease in a comfortable manner with a spacious cabin inside with plenty of leg room, with adjustable bucket style seats to suit your preference.

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The Perks...

Convenience at your fingertips…

The little things make the biggest difference when it comes to setting apart utility vehicles. For example, the On Board Charger supplied on the EV Titan gives you even more convenience when you need to charge. The larger your site, and at any time of the day – who knows where you will be by the end of your shift? With a charger on board – you can have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to chase down your charger and find the power outlet.

Another advantage is that it helps the charging process even more, as the location of the charger allows you to be reminded to charge it – so you can leave the vehicle knowing that it is has been reset for the next day.

Airflow technology…

The EV Titan has been made for Australian conditions, so don’t worry about the heat of the day! The Titan treats you with an airflow ventilation system with a built in demister and powerful airflow technology. You can cruise all day doing your tasks in the cool environment that EV Titan provides.

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Safety Features...

With the EV Titan being best suited for commercial use; safety is a primary concern and one that should always be accounted for when considering a vehicle that will be used on sites and warehouse facilities. The inbuilt reverse camera gives extra vision for the those nasty corners, as well as an emergency stop button with assists you with the sudden stops that can be a common occurrence on a bigger commercial site.

When it comes to safety regulations – the EV Titan is conditional registration ready with a beacon built in on the vehicle making it an easy process to be compliant. What’s great about these safety features is that they come as standard on the vehicle – so no need for addons! The 3 point seat belts and hard doors as standard, provides that extra layer of protection when you need to get the job done, with caged cabin protection.    

The Extras...

The EV Titan is bursting with standard features which allow for so many possibilities already. However you can experience the Titan as a bigger or smaller unit to suit your needs.

Available in a 4 seat or a 2 seat mover with Pantech and Laundry custom configurations available, the EV Titans capabilities can go even further and it is able to adapt itself to all sorts of environments – no job is too big!

One thing that is a common question when considering the overall finish on an Electric Vehicle is the battery situation. The great thing about the EV Titan is that you get a choice of battery to accommodate your needs.

With a choice of traditional lead acid, a standard choice which is reliable and the go to for many. However with recent advancements in battery technology, new customers are looking for more sustainable solutions that lower maintenance and longer lasting.

New Battery Choices at EMC...

At EMC we are always sourcing new and exciting products that improve the quality of our vehicles; with suppliers such as R & J batteries providing Full River Gel batteries for example. The advantages of the gel application are that, whilst similar to a traditional AGM battery; it provides a slower discharge rate and greater efficiency in a temperature range giving the battery a longer lifespan.

This is a great choice for a heavy duty vehicle like the EV Titan. The guys at R & J are always happy to answer questions and provide more information on their products, for more check out their website.

If you prefer a higher power and lighter weight in your battery – Lithium batteries would be the choice for you. The sustainability of lithium is highly competitive with other batteries, as well as providing more capacity and a longer lasting charge.

The real point of difference with lithium is the light weight of the battery. This can make a considerable difference when considering the environment, if your site is outdoors and in a grassy area it can have less impact on your site due the lighter weight of the battery. For more information on Lithium batteries; check out our article Lithium Battery Systems.        

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