The Effective Elite Electric Utility Vehicle Range at EMC

At EMC we want to provide the best solutions for you and your business. We love the fact that we have variety in our electric utility vehicle range! The different uses in the electric utility vehicle are able to cover a wide range of commercial and industrial needs. For government facilities, to warehousing, to even housekeeping units. The EMC Elite range has something there for everyone.

We offer the EMC utility vehicles in a long wheel base or a short wheel base option. Either option provides you with plenty of functionality in use and ability. Additionally, the option is there if you need more power in your utility vehicle. You can upgrade your electric motor to a 5.3kW to maximise efficiency.

So Where Did the Utility Vehicle Originate From… Australia?

To get the information we have to go back in time to 1933 in Australia. Unfortunately for us at EMC, this isn’t referencing an electric vehicle. It’s an internal combustion engine! Though, we had to start somewhere for you to reap the benefits of our modern day EMC electric utility vehicles.

Whilst there has been conflicting claims of who invented the first utility in the world – it’s been rumoured that it was an Australian idea. A Ford car designer named Lev Brandt modified a Coupe, at the request of an Australian farmer’s wife. She apparently wrote a letter to Ford in 1933 requesting a modification be made. She wished to combine the farming needs of the vehicle with transport needs to the church on Sundays. Lev Brandt managed to modify the coupe by integrating tub bodywork in the back. Additionally making the chassis stronger so it carry loads. This prototype was then approved, giving the green light for Australian Utes to go into production. Since then we have evolved and shaped what the utility vehicle means in Australia and the world. For us at EMC – it means electric!

The Customisation Available in the EMC Utility Vehicle Range

  • Aluminium Tray
  • Tool Boxes
  • Ladder Racks
  • Electric Tow Bars
  • Utility High Mesh Sides
  • Full PVC Weather Covers protecting the cabin and utility tray
  • Hydraulic lift function

The Extra Hydraulic Lift Function:

Some customers have requested a hydraulic lift function. Which we recommend to those doing more heavy duty activities with their utility vehicle. To decide if you think it suits you, read on to find out…

What is hydraulic lift?

A hydraulic lift is an elevator system that uses a hydraulic device to lift the objects using the force created from the pressure in the mechanics of the lift. Pushing the inner hydraulics with a pump system to go up down with gravitational force giving that powerful up and down movement.  

Advantages of Hydraulic Lifts:

  • The hydraulic lifts that we offer can increase your load capacity by up to 500kgs.
  • Provides extra safety in operational use. As you can unload and off load goods easier, without the risk of injury to your workers such as muscle strain and back injuries.
  • They are reliable mechanisms that will give consistency in every work load.
  • Operating performance is always at its maximum due to the power and the hydraulic technology.
utility vehicle

Why you Should Choose the EMC Elite Utility Vehicle

  • High Quality Performance

The reliability and efficiency of an EMC electric utility vehicle is second to none. Quiet in operation and smooth in driving. You can get around your site effectively without causing too much disruption in your site. This is certainly applicable when it comes to working within a resort or an aged care facility. Noise disturbance can make the stay for guests uncomfortable. This is also true for aged care, as disturbing the elderly residents of a retirement village is not the aim you want to achieve.

Furthermore; with certain sites, some may be hard to get around with different sizing in the sites pathways. The EMC utility vehicle range can manoeuvre effectively. Its compact size is able to achieve this without any issue; in particular, in stop and go situations.

  • The Convenience in Use

The standard charging capabilities and ease of operation make electric utility vehicles a great choice for commercial and industrial use. The increase in electric charging stations in Australia are only going to grow over time, as the electrification of the transportation industry is continuing to thrive.

The fact that you can charge and electric utility vehicle via a standard outlet makes it an easier, cheaper and more convenient choice. As your commercial site will more than likely have an abundance of these – it’s a no brainer. The ease of operation factor amplifies the convenience in use. Anyone can use it. These vehicles are easy to operate, which manual switch operation, it’s as easy as operating a go kart!

5 Key Advantages to Choosing an EMC Utility Vehicle

  1. Environmentally Conscious; zero net carbon emissions
  2. Low running and maintenance Costs
  3. Noise pollution=Zero
  4. Easy to operate
  5. Maximising efficiency in your usage needs.

Where to Use your EMC Utility Vehicle

1. Aged Care/Retirement Communities

As mentioned above, these utility vehicles are great for aged care/retirement communities. These utility vehicle configurations are more than ideal for manoeuvre a community member around if needed, assist with site maintenance and carry goods. These vehicles can provide other advantages such as health and environment.

The use of electric vehicle over an internal combustion engine has great advantages. It helps decrease CO2 emissions, and have zero fumes. Some retirement communities in Australia can have tight roads and pathways of which vehicles need to operate on. Combine this with traditional petrol vehicles, the fumes and damage to the environment becomes a slow burn effecting the health of residents and their surrounds. By choosing an EMC electric utility vehicle, these hazards are eliminated.

2. Resort Maintenance

The Utility vehicles at EMC are designed to work. Functionality is a keyword that we often use to describe these vehicles. With Australia the tourism statistics speak for themselves, in lending to the resorts utility needs. In 2018, tourism in Australia accounted 3.1% of the national GDP. Growing faster than the overall Australian economy. 74% of this tourism came from domestic travellers within Australia.

This shows the abundance of resorts here in Australia. Which need functional and reliable utility vehicles to maximise their efficiency in their working shifts. Activities such as cleaning and garden maintenance are top priority in hotels and resorts to ensure that they are in top shape for incoming visitors. With the utility configuration, the easy operation in the EMC utility vehicle range provide that solution, making your life easier.

3. Strata Maintenance

These utility vehicles are able to be operate on all different types of surfaces. Moving along pathways in big apartment buildings effectively. Making them perfect for strata maintenance. The strata team can easily use these utility bed on the vehicle to store and utilise tools and equipment for site maintenance. Its compact sizing makes it ideal for complexes in the city centres.

Activities such as repainting are made easier. With the ability to transport all materials in one go to site. When showing larger properties, the utility vehicle, if a 4 seat (which is possible) can be used to transport potential viewers to site. In terms of marketing, if the building name is wanting further brand awareness. The vehicles are able to have custom branding on the vehicle.

4. Warehousing Facilities

These utility vehicles are so handy in warehousing facilities. Having the Ute tray compartment makes it multi functional machine in this type of commercial environment. Being able to unload and off load stock, with a 2 seat option which is taken by many already.

This gives your business the opportunity to maximise the capability of the strength in the tray. Combined with two strong workers to restock and refill quickly and effectively. With the ability to customise the tray to a sturdier material such as a hard tray or getting a hydraulic lift function put in. The possibilities are endless with the effectiveness of the utility vehicle.

utility vehicle

5. Farming

Having a utility vehicle on farm has a heap of benefits. With the ability of all day charging you be rest assured that you can go out your property and get what you need to get done in no time. The Ute trays works for functionality and storage. With the benefit of it being electric and quiet. This helps a number of factors including keeping environmental costs down, and less noise disruption. In addition to these benefits another is lowering maintenance costs.

Running a farm can be a costly affair. Particularly if you are a small family run operation. Cost cutting is always something that farmers should consider on a regular basis. An electric utility vehicle is one way to save bulk coin long in terms of running costs and environmental costs.

To find out more options in our EMC options for farming click here

Surprising Conversions to Electric Utility Vehicles that are Possible and Practiced:

Electric Food Trucks!

Lately the hospitality industry is changing and becoming more Americanised. With that comes the delicious food truck! Luckily this can be achieved in our utility vehicle range. You can have the option to convert your utility vehicle into a food truck. The size of the vehicle makes it easy to convert and is perfect for snack items to be sold. The ability to pop up in any city is now possible. With low running costs as mentioned previously. Furthermore; with an easy access power outlet for charging, you can set up cheaply and easily with this EMC utility vehicle option. You can custom branding your vehicle easily with your logo and contact information and you are good to go.

EMC Housekeeping Units!

As part of our EMC elite range, you probably already know about our most popular of the range. The EMC housekeeping unit. This vehicle boasts a clean and dirty laundry compartment and is very popular with Australian resorts. Providing the ultimate functionality with the clean and dirty compartments.

The housekeeping range is great for maintenance for Hospitality Resorts. With 4 Seat & 2 Seat options it allows for more workers and passengers to travel around resorts and work sites. In terms of usage, the housekeeping utility vehicle range can be used in many different sites such as Resorts, Hotels and Aged Care Facilities.  

utility vehicle
utility vehicle

Utility People Mover!

We have the ability to combine utility needs with people moving in our Elite range at EMC. You can choose between 2 seats or 4 seats to accommodate more passengers in your resort. This is ideal if you a resort and require passenger movement with luggage allowance. If you are an all-inclusive resort, you can lend out these to guests as they are easy to use in operation and provide comfort and style upon arrival.

Additionally we have a great range of EMC endeavour shuttle buses which offer a short tray utility configuration. Here’s a snippet from our previous article referencing the short tray utility option;

“Short Tray Utility

An ideal vehicle for the transport of passengers and luggage or other items in the rear tray. Offered in all seat configurations this vehicle has that extra capability that you need to transport your passengers with their luggage to their destination. This configuration is suited for resorts and hotels which allows for those extra luggage space.”

To read the full article click here

So You Think your Business can use an EMC Elite Electric Utility Vehicle?

The 3 Key Things to Consider…

  1. Usage – The EMC elite utility vehicle range covers a variety of usages as you can see.
  2. Price Range – the price ranges varies on your configurations and custom requirements, should you need any. We do not have set prices for these reasons, we want your vehicle to be the best configuration for you.
  3. New or Used – It’s always good to check in with us to see if we have any used vehicles in stock. If you don’t require bells and whistles, we want to save your money to make your life easier.

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