The Electric Golf Cart

Now known as the Electric Golf Cart, some may still reference it as a golf buggy. Electric golf carts have been getting better and better. Which the electric motors going from strength to strength, whether it be AC or a DC motor, newer technologies have allowed the leaps and bounds of improvements such as the increase speed and longevity in the motor engine. The electric golf cart is the environmental choice; and should be even to get on board over a petrol golf cart. Zero tail-pipe emissions are the way of the future, considering that Australia is one of the highest contributors of emissions in the world. So if you can contribute through your love of golf, choosing an electric cart is the way to go. As well as emissions, other factors such as noise pollution can also be a persuader to choose electric over petrol. A noisy golf cart on the golf course can be a distraction for others and even you – so why not reduce that? Here are some not so obvious reasons why it would be good investment for an electric golf cart;

3 Not So Obvious Reasons to choose an Electric Golf Cart:

  1. More Efficient:

Being an Electric Golf Cart, the choice of going electric wont set you back as much as Tesla. So cost efficiency is a real thing when it comes to choosing an electric golf cart. We can think bigger than just the golf course for using an electric golf cart. If you are living in a resort or retirement village, in terms of operational efficiency, it’s a great way to get around efficiently with an all-day charge. No more lining up and the pump and organising the fuel. Just plug in overnight ready for the next day usage.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility:

As mentioned previously, zero tail-pipe emissions is a keen objective of global significance. If you can choose a way to reduce carbon emissions, we should do so for the benefit of the climate. If you are a business looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint – electric choice is a great way to achieve this. For example; golf resorts, holiday parks, retirement villages to even industrial sites can enjoy a range of electric options for their utility vehicles instead of petrol. Sustainability in business is seen as a key factor of measurement of success for a company. Now in 2020, an eco-future is where we must continue to go to achieve zero net carbon emissions. As set out by the Paris agreement.

  1. Overall Health Benefits:

Operating a petrol or gas vehicle is not just harmful for the ozone layer, it is harmful to your health. By adding to the already polluted air, we are already causing ourselves harm. Carbon monoxide risks are a real thing. Effects of this include, dizziness, vomiting and long term breathing problems.

Electric Golf Cart
MY20 Vantage Golf Cart Range

So do you know how to drive an Electric golf cart? Here is a 3 Step Guide to Help You:

If you are new to the concept entirely here is a quick guide on how to drive your Electric Golf Cart.  It works off a key function, like a car, however it is switch on, once the key is turned operated to start.

  1. Getting Going, and Stopping.

Put the key in the ignition, turning it as you would in a normal car first. Make sure you have turned the switch on next which is usually located near the key for easy access.

With your foot on the brake pedal, the bigger pedal on the right. Allow for a lot of room for acceleration and braking as the electric golf carts can be touchy with the brakes. This does work to your advantage however, the braking allows you stop efficiently with minimal shock.

  1. Reversing

The switch that you use to turn on the vehicle will be the same one you use to reverse the vehicle.

Just flick it down and this will put the electric golf cart in the reverse motion. Then use the accelerator pedal on the right, just as you would a car to reverse the vehicle.

The car will make a beeping sound whilst it is in the reverse motion. Be careful to check the switch before every operation; and don’t be alarmed if you turn the engine on if its starts beeping, it just means the last user has left it in reverse.

  1. Safety with your Electric Golf Cart.

Electric Golf Carts in general unique to the particular golf cart. For our EMC vehicles, we have unique key for all EMC Electric Golf Carts. You can order a replacement key if you are need to if it is lost or stolen. However the cost could be high depending on the model. Ensure you have a standard process for storing and locking your electric golf cart.

In terms of seat belts, these are now becoming standardised because of national legislation. Safety standards in general ar improving to generate a good principle of safe behaviour.

We at EMC always provide seat belts, in cases where they don’t come with seat belts, we strongly recommend seat belts because of these reasons. As the average speed is generally under 20km an hour, the risk of accident and injury is low. However if you are using these vehicles on hills or not so even surfaces, there is a potential risk – so be sure to make sure this a fixture you consider.

Golf Cart Terminology

At EMC we prefer the term Golf Cart. However we hear a number of terms, such as golf buggy, NEV (Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle), LSV (Low Speed Vehicle), golf caddie – even golf trolley. Not to worry, we understand it all and know you need the best Golf Cart for you!

2020 Guide To Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

So Which Electric Golf Cart is for You?

At EMC we have our EMC MY20Vantage Golf Cart range provides the full range, style and accessories to suit all types of golf days, golf courses big and small, suiting tougher terrains as well. We have three models that vary from the standard model the Vantage Esport, the Vantage Gold Edition and the Vantage Paramount.

Considering More than just the Golf Course?

When considering, the seat configurations, we can go from a 2 seat standard size golf cart to 4 seat onwards. Or perhaps you are looking for a more of a resort feel? Or perhaps live in an aged care facility of resort living area? More seats and bigger Ute tray configurations in the MY20 Vantage overall range could help with storage and getting around – as well as on the golf course.

Let’s touch on the 13 Vantage Golf Standard Features; taken from our Vantage Article last year to clarify what you would experience with this Electric Golf Cart:

  1. Powerful AC 5KW Electric Motor
  2. Handbrake Assist
  3. Custom Branding available – which is great for bigger establishments such as Hotels, Resorts and Universities
  4. Conditional Registration ready
  5. Lead Acid Batteries as a standard from our reliable Australian supplier R & J Batteries. This is a US Battery brand that provides the highest total energy of the battery’s lifetime thanks to diamond plate technology.
  6. Lithium battery Upgrades available from our suppler Lithium Battery Systems, a keen Australian owned company that have developed the latest and greatest when it comes to lithium technology.
  7. Full River battery upgrades available – from our exclusive supplier R & J, Full River can be used across the MY20 Vantage range. The deep cycle range  offers a gel component, which allow for little to no maintenance, most ideal for utility applications.
  8. 10 Inch Alloy Wheels and Kenda tyres
  9. 4 cup holders – golf day is complete with a drink to keep you hydrated all day long on the golf course.
  10. Glass windscreen and wiper upgrade is available
  11. 12V Outlet for your accessories and devices if you need it.
  12. LED High low beam headlights, tail lights, blinkers, horn and reversing alarms
  13. 3 Year Warranty available

To find out more go to our Vantage Golf Cart Article to get a full picture of our EMC MY20Vantage Range

Check out Some Videos on our YouTube Channel: EMC Electric Vehicles.

The Price Range of the MY20 Vantage Range

Generally the price ranges from $10,000.00+ depending on the added accessories you would like, including our newest addition of Golf Accessories Garmin with the Garmin GPS mapping & Garmin range finder as standard on Paramount edition. To enquire at which golf accessories we provide contact our team.

Electric Golf Carts – Why the Small Switch to Electric Makes a Big Difference

Countries such as the United States are seeing some of the great benefits of switching to electric. On a whole we can see the benefits of cost savings and environmental benefits. There has now been a reported ‘greater diversity’ of fuel choices concerning transportation. The reliance of petroleum gives privy to a price war at any given moment, of which we can see this on our own shores in Australia.

By using a domestic sources we can focus on our own GDP. As well as the ‘3 Not So Obvious Reasons to choose an Electric Golf Cart Reasons’ we have to think of the long term ecological damage we are doing to our habitats. It has been researched by the Climate Accountability Institute that in 2017 alone that the total global emissions including cement where up to 39.79 Billion read more

Electric Golf Cart
Electric Golf Cart

What’s More – The Battery Choices Have Never Been Better at EMC

Our suppliers at R & J Batteries provide the best US Battery Brands for our EMC Vehicles, and are proudly Australian. The most popular Lead Acid battery on the market is the US2000. Which we provide to all our Golf Carts as a standard. R & J help us at EMC set the bar high when it comes to quality batteries that have longevity and reliability.

We love Lithium Battery Systems, another Australian brand based in Brisbane. We appreciate innovative technologies at EMC and this Australian company has got the goods when it comes to lithium technology. We have seen success with this first hand, from testing the batteries to prove consistency and trustworthiness. Check out their website.  

2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia
2020 Guide to Electric Vehicles Australia

Used Vehicles & Hire Vehicles at EMC

If you would like a different models, we have some great ones available including the EMC Express and EMC Executive Golf Cart. Pictured below;

We also still stock used vehicles on site which can be a cheaper option if budget is a factor. Our used vehicles, whilst older, all receive a quality control check before it’s released to you. This includes activities such as;

  • Testing the motor
  • Battery life check and whether it needs new batteries
  • Tyre check
  • A good old fashioned clean!

Hire is a great option is you don’t quite know which Electric Golf Cart to go with.  At EMC, we can arrange a range short term hire options for you to check out your local golf course in your Vantage or whichever golf cart you choose for a period of time at your leisure.

Enquire now for Used Vehicles

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Electric Golf Cart

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Yes, we sell online and it’s great for everyone, however we always love it when we get visits from our customers. We have a site an hour north of Sydney located on the Central Coast, West Gosford. Requiring an item such as this needs the human touch and visibility. Sometimes with online offering, as we all know do not give us the tangible benefits that seeing something up close and personal does. So do not hesitate to travel to our head office and experience a test drive and talk face to face with our sales team. So take an electric golf cart for a test drive if you want to check out which option you would like. We have ready to go vehicles in the showroom can we can organise to test drive on our site so you can a look and feel of what it’s like to drive around in one of our Golf Carts

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